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The Bible knows that Noah made the ark of hard wood of the shittah, and built like modern ships. The ark had three decks bulkheads and interior spaces, and its body was tarred inside and out.
Human history has been one long string of the wise passing on their knowledge to the young, and wisdom isn’t necessarily something that comes with age, but it does come with experience. The domain of technology is one in...
The existence of "super-sniper" Wehrmacht Erwin Koenig known by the memoirs of one of the most successful shooters of the Soviet Vasily Zaitsev. The duel of two snipers was the basis of the plot of the Hollywood film "enemy at the gates". However, some researchers doubt that rabbits are actually faced with a formidable opponent.
Royalty-free, It is the dream of the princess and Diana:a baby sister into the world for her two sons, prince William (37) & Harry (34). Even though a girl, it never has come up, and have William and Harry...
Celebrities, Actor Robert Downey, jr., aged 54, has a heart-warming accolade to receive from his ex-wife, singer Deborah Falconer. While their divorce in 2004, with a great deal of hassle involved.But look, now She just another in a positive...
30 June 1960 two "countries – do not spill water" - the USSR and China said in unison on the ideological split out into a diplomatic conflict for 29 years
As you know, the death of the son of the leader of Kazan. There he was buried. In 2002, however, the remains of Stalin Jr. was moved to the cemetery Troekurov Moscow. It is noteworthy that the tomb of Basil the relatives chose the Novodevichy cemetery, where he found his last refuge his mother. However, those who were engaged in the reburial had family ties with Stalin.


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