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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Russian skeleton racer Elena Nikitina won the gold medal at the European championship, which takes place in Latvia, Sigulda during the last world Cup. Prior to that, the Russian was twice champion of the European championship.
As you know, most marshals of the Soviet Union were buried at the capital's cemeteries. And only Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov has long remained the only military leader of such high rank, found his peace beyond Moscow. At least, it was not until 2014, while the life is not gone, Marshal Vasily Ivanovich Petrov. "Marshall"
About the so-called "attack century", carried out under the command of Alexander Marinesko, which was sunk by the German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff", certainly known to many. But the fact that the former captain of the submarine spent a few years living in places not so remote, few people know. Moreover, according to some biographers, Marinesco simply framed.
Erpe-Mere, belgium, The Halloweennacht provided to the fire fighters of the Hulpverleningszone the South-East, some of the night. if you have a party in GC, The Volkskring in the Party, it was around 1 am, the door to...
Criteria for evaluating the degree of danger to the life of the Soviet person in a particular city of the Soviet Union had several. But they were United on one thing – like differentiation was a consequence of the proposed circumstances the most different.
In the capital of Tatarstan took place the match between the local "AK Bars" and Omsk "Avangard" in the regular championship of the Continental hockey League. A week ago, the rivals played at the home arena of the hawks and then the hawks won the shootout 2:1. Now Barca took a confident revenge – 5:3.
Soviet historiography interpreted the uprising led by Yemelyan Pugachev as a peasant war and fit it into the logic of the class struggle. Then look at the events became more voluminous and ambiguous, and in recent times be willing at all to explain the uprising to the machinations of the unfriendly Russian special services.


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