During the Second world war, the lady Adelheid (Heidi) von Bilenberg was in charge of the sanatorium where rest and treated SS. In this Nazi organization when he served as a doctor and her late husband. And brother, Heidi was one of the confidants of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. This respectable German widow became the wife of the Russian commander who defected to the Nazis.[C-BLOCK]
Former head coach of the Moscow "Spartak" Oleg Kononov was among the candidates for the post of coach of Azerbaijan football. In addition to that he lead a national team can more than 30 professionals.
Brazilian club Cruzeiro are still not paid Spartak Moscow for the lease of striker red-white Pedro Roshi. In this regard, representatives of the Moscow command has appealed to the International football Federation with the requirement to collect with Brazilians 750 thousand euros.
Belarus entered the history of the great Patriotic war as "partisan Republic". However, in the first years of the occupation the Germans did not expect resistance on the part of Belarusians. The national character of this people, they were humble and peaceful.
Serie A is The perfect the move. To the inside, and cut hard at out with the left side of the net, out of the sixteen. Big Games, having scored in Brescia, the seventh in a ten-competitiematchen cross. And...
The famous historian Boris Sokolov no wonder calls circumstances of death of the wife of Nikolai Yezhov mysterious. According to the official version, Eugene Hawtin died voluntarily. Shortly before this she had received from his wife the statue, which, under the assumptions of another historian Nikita Petrov, became a kind of prearranged signal the need to commit suicide.
Game day in the regular season of the National hockey League started with the match "Carolina Hurricanes" – "new York Rangers". Guests won 5:2. The contribution to victory made by the Russian legionaries "Rangers".


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