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Monday, January 20, 2020
Reconnaissance aircraft in the Wehrmacht was an important matter. Enough to give you an example: for the attack on the Soviet Union was allocated 1324 bomber and attack aircraft, fighter aircraft and 973 730 scouts. Whereas in the Western border districts of the USSR was concentrated to 1 June 1941 4351 bombers and attack aircraft, fighters and 4876 716 scouts. The proportions speak for themselves.
The car is The self-Volvo-XC90-a car from Uber, which in march of last year in the united states was involved in a fatal accident with a pedestrian, it had software on board that is not able to account for...
The music of The duo Susan & Frank has, as of today, a weekly section in the Qmusic-ochtendshow, Sam De Bruyn, Inge De Vogelaere, and Wim Oosterlinck. Every Wednesday, they bring a live cover of the song. Today, magically,...
Hasselt is Sensitive, readers will be able to have the next two days, but it's better for the Jeugdstraat the city is known for several Banneuxwijk to avoid them. Local resident Stefan Liesens have a month and a half...
The famous super-spy, able to overcome difficulties, to get away, once in a desperate situation, there is an interesting detail in the biography, the notorious "Russian trace". It is the gift awakened the imagination of Ian Fleming, has created a unique literary character — a charming James bond.
Shortly after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Afghanistan the Pro-Soviet regime of Mohammad Najibullah fell. But the Mujahideen seized Kabul in 1992, made a war between them. In the capital of Afghanistan, there is such a dangerous situation that Russia had to urgently evacuate its Embassy.
As Hoda Muthana made in the USA on the way to Syria, to the terrorist organization "Islamic state" published on Twitter an image that she was seeing with her American passport. "Soon there will be a camp...


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As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

In addition to the troops of the Wehrmacht in the siege of Leningrad participated and Finnish divisions under the command of former tsarist General, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. There is a popular legend that as he continued passionately love Saint Petersburg, where he lived before the revolution, have done to the city was not destroyed and in fact saved the lives of millions of citizens of Leningrad.