Royalty-free, It is the dream of the princess and Diana:a baby sister into the world for her two sons, prince William (37) & Harry (34). Even though a girl, it never has come up, and have William and Harry did indeed have a sister. That is to say, a stiefzus, is the daughter of Camilla Parker Bowles, and their step-mother. In loving memory of their mother, would William and Harry have decided to contact metdie sister is a lot stronger.

the name of Laura Lopes (41) ring a bell? At the time, most probably not. Laura is the daughter of vanCamilla Parker Bowles, from her first marriage. They had also a son, Tom (44), who is working as a writer and a journalist.Then Followed, in 2005, joined the royal family in the south, to the steps of prince Charles decided that Camilla is to her kids as far away from the interest to keep up.

According to royal sources, were the prince and princess during their growing years, not only with the children of Camilla. It would be in the meantime changed all that, as William and Harry are determined to make the ties to Laura, and to strengthen. If wasLaura’s daughter, and even one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. And also, since Meghan Markle, and prince Harry, are the proud parents of a baby Archie, that would make their bond ever closer to his now.

“William and Harry that their mother’s love for a girl who wanted to be a sister for her and the boys, and the desire to want to be them, and now, many years after her death, and compliant,” said Andrew Morton, the biographer of Diana. A royal source occurs in the event, said: “They really do try their best. They want to make their stiefzus be a real aunt to George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie. In loving memory of their mother, and they want their relationship to continue.”

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