The most cruel tortures which were applied by the NKVD

History 22/02/20 the Most cruel tortures which were applied by the NKVD

According to the memoirs of former prisoners of the remand prison, known as the “Sukhanovka” or sensitive sites No. 110, there was a practice of torture by 52 species. In 1938 the prison was installed in the premises of the monastery of Saint Catherine in the suburbs. A detailed list of the methods that were used to obtain the necessary authorities of readings, compiled and published in the book “Sukhanovskaya prison. Statsobject 110” historian, researcher of the Gulag Lidia Golovkova.


the simplest torture was beating, says the researcher. Beating people up could for days without a break, in shifts, investigators have changed each other, and worked tirelessly. Another fairly common at the time, the way of obtaining evidence — the test of insomnia: a prisoner could in 10-20 days for a long time deprived of sleep.

was in the Arsenal of the executioners and more sophisticated means. Victim during questioning planted on the stool leg so that any movement of the defendant it was part of the rectum. Another torment was the “swallow” prisoners behind tied a long towel to the head and legs. To suffer is impossible, but people in a similar position kept for hours.

the ingenuity of the investigators sadists can be compared to a sophisticated fantasy movie maniacs. People under the nails driven pins, fought off a finger in the door, put in the so-called “selotape”, punishment cells, where he maintained a high temperature. Prisoners were tortured in barrels of cold water. The investigator was able to force the victim to drink someone else’s urine.

Evidence that anyone has ever endured inhuman suffering, virtually no. In prison racked experienced military. General Sidyakin after tortures has gone mad: Golovkova writes that he began to howl and to bark like a dog. Many after interrogation were sent on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. From documents known of one occasion.tea, when the prisoner survived institutionalized and endured torture. Mikhail Kedrov, a former KGB officer who complained of abuse at the authorities, went through the torture prison, not admitting to the charges. It helped him on the court — he was acquitted. However, to get away from Stalin’s executioners failed: after the beginning of the great Patriotic war he was shot without the resumption of the investigation on the orders of Lavrenty Beria.


the Commissioner of state security often personally abused victims. Before the executions of prisoners he ordered his assistant to beat them. Apparently, it brought the chief of Stalin’s executioner in a special kind of pleasure. On sensitive sites Lavrenty Beria had a personal account, from which the personal Elevator you can go down in the room for torture.

well-Known examples when Nazi executioners learned from the experience of the Soviet “colleagues”. The NKVD invented a special paddy wagons, which were the real killing machines. Exhaust pipe they were withdrawn inside the body, and prisoners died in transit – their bodies are immediately transported to the crematorium. This method the Nazis used in concentration camps.

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