As you know large empires and States do not fall apart themselves, this process always has a good external reasons. The Soviet Union is no exception. When the West became clear that the power with the Soviet Union can not cope was developed evil plan DULLES to undermine the country from within.
Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko seized power
in 2017, the country held a series of protests. The reason was the lack of reaction by the authorities to investigate bulk you do not Dimon
Today the works of Russian writer, poet and playwright Alexander Solzhenitsyn studied in domestic and foreign schools and universities. But in the middle of the last century, this author was subjected to persecution by the Soviet secret police and was forced to engage in literary work underground. And, as later admitted Solzhenitsyn himself, without "invisible" at the time, it would be very difficult to work with.
When talking about refugees from the former Russian Empire, often recall the "white" Russian – "bourgeois" landowners, Cossacks, left the country mainly in the years 1917-1922. However, the powerful stream of migrants who did not want to live under Soviet rule, streamed from Central Asia to the South. Tajiks, Uzbeks and Turkmens after the revolution massively moved to Afghanistan, changing the ethnic map and the history of this country.
This item biography Iron Felix was never a mystery. It contrasted sharply with the common legend that the Soviet Republic was in "the grip of the imperialist blockade." And suddenly, in the midst of Civil war and foreign intervention! – the head of the repressive services of the Bolshevik state is taking a trip into the heart of bourgeois Europe. The lair of the enemy, so to speak.


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