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For millennia, the pirates were a huge problem for navigation. Sometimes pirates were able to subdue or destroy, as did, for example, Gaius Julius Caesar. But they revived again – very much profitable was this craft, despite all the risks involved
Skis are regularly used in the military since the XI century. In the red army they were appreciated during the Winter war with Finland in 1939-1940: then came the first battalions and brigades skiers. The Finns, who used skis without exception, set an example. During the great Patriotic war the red army EN masse came to the track.
George Lafaro called "the first Soviet spy", although in spirit he was more adventurer. In the turbulent years of the Civil war, the French security officer, known under the code name "Charles", successfully ferret out the secrets of the command of the Entente in Odessa, but in the end, failed.
During the great Patriotic war, all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union in varying degrees, participated in the struggle against the Nazi invaders. Most men of military age fought at the front, but there were those who for various reasons remained in the rear. They, too, received orders, medals and decorations for labour achievements or meritorious service. As a rule, these awards can be determined: the person participated in actual combat or not.
Tensions in the international arena has grown since the mid-1930s, After 1939 there were only two major powers – the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. It was clear that sooner or later a collision will be unavoidable, the only question is, who starts the conflict and when. In these circumstances, the red army gave the Soviet leadership a concern, especially after the failures of the Winter war against Finland.[C-BLOCK]
Spitak 1988 earthquake, which killed at least 25 thousand people, briefly rallied the peoples of the USSR. The second plan has receded even inflames the Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijan has provided assistance to Armenia, along with other republics. However, immediately after the earthquake there was a version of "seismic Armenian genocide" by the Union center.
The word "harem" inner eye draws beauties, nezha in anticipation of the visit of the Sultan. But if the imagination is violent – and sexual scenes of varying degrees of licentiousness. In reality, it was easier, harder, more efficient.


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As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

In addition to the troops of the Wehrmacht in the siege of Leningrad participated and Finnish divisions under the command of former tsarist General, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. There is a popular legend that as he continued passionately love Saint Petersburg, where he lived before the revolution, have done to the city was not destroyed and in fact saved the lives of millions of citizens of Leningrad.