Why the Turks are forbidden to search for the ark on mount Ararat

Another 02/01/20 Why the Turks are forbidden to search for the ark on mount Ararat

According to the Holy Scriptures knows that Noah made the ark of hard wood of the shittah, and built like modern ships. The ark had three decks bulkheads and interior spaces, and its body was tarred inside and out.

this rescue ship was quite specific dimensions: the length was 300 cubits (about 135 meters) in width 50 cubits (about 25 meters) and the height 30 cubits (about 15 metres). Students of British University of Leicester made the calculations and found that in such a ship could enter approximately 70 000 animals.

According to popular legend, the ark “in the seventeenth day of the seventh month” landed “upon the mountains of Ararat”, which peaks that seemed like out of the water, found the dove.

Now mount Ararat is called a huge mountain range, which reaches a length of 130 kilometers. It is located on the border of Iran (Persia) and Armenia, but most of it with two snowy peaks, and lies within Turkey. The height of mount Ararat reaches 5 165 meters from sea level, or 4 of 365 m from the foot of the mountain to its top.

Mount Ararat can be considered only conditionally – in fact it is an active volcano with two craters, which last erupted in the nineteenth century – then in the crater of the Big Ararat infiltrated melt water, which caused a thermal explosion.


search History vehicle, which has saved mankind, excites the minds of people the last two centuries. Until the beginning of the XIX century, the local inhabitants are Persians, Kurds and Armenians are believed to ascend the sacred mountain is impossible.

In 1828 Ararat in the Treaty of Turkmenchay moved from Persia to Russia, and on the summit was first climbed by the German Johann Parrot. For a century the ark on the mountain was seen three times – once, it reported the shepherd, the second time the Turks (1833), for the third time – the English climber James Bryce, who said, I found wooden remains at the height of 4000 meters.

According to unconfirmed reports in 1916 at Ararat ascended the Russian expedition, which said that the ark was found in the saddle between the peaks of Ararat on the pictures, which made the pilot Mr Roskovitsky. Supposedly in this same year the place was visited and an American, Colonel Alexander Koor.

But the materials of the expedition disappeared during the revolution, and in 1921, Ararat departed Turkey and its Northern slopes were unavailable for the Russian.

But the Turks forbade access to the mount Ararat and other researchers, and did so in unexpected ways. During the Cold war Ararat was closed to expeditions, but above him was flying spy planes of the United States, watching the Soviet border.

Visited the Ararat American astronaut-Christian James Irving was devoted to the search of the ark a few years, and rumors in 1982 found the remains of the ship, but the Turkish authorities forbade further investigation. Irving took it as a sign from God that the search should stop.

the Climber from Milan Angelo Palego, which is 15 times visited the mountain, told the researcher of Yerevan Ashot Levonian that in the summer of 1989 at the height of 4000 meters, he found the ship, but when in 2000 he assembled an international team to inspect the find, the Turks forbade the ascent.

In 2003, they were denied access to the mountain Russian researcher Andrey Polyakov. What caused locked?

do Not want conflict with the Kurds

the Turks Themselves refer to the fact that on the slopes of mount Ararat wielded warlike Kurds, who kidnap tourists and demand a ransom. In the late 1920-ies there even existed a Kurdish Republic of Ararat, which ceased existence in 1930-m to year.

At the foot of the mountains there is a settlement of Kurds, they even arranged a Museum of Noah’s Ark. The Kurds revere the mountain as Sacred, and the Kurds-Christians and Muslims have no doubt that somewhere on the slopes of the mountain lies the ark.

Kurdyou believe that it is their mountain, called Noah with Nuh, and consider themselves the successors of the old Testament stories.

do Not want to interfere in Armenian

Perhaps the Turkish authorities realize that Ararat as a recent “gift” of the Bolsheviks, belongs to them without solid grounds. The volcano is still the symbol of Armenia, and the Turks even tried to challenge the fact of the image of the mountain on the coat of arms of the Armenian SSR, but they did not work: the mountain is still the emblem of the country.

Believe in prophecy

According to Islamic prophecies, ship of Noah of the Bible will find before the end of the world, and perhaps this is why the government of Muslim countries are in no hurry to give the “green light” searches. Perhaps that is why it is almost impossible to get to the North side of the volcano, which supposedly is the ark.

As of the

Perhaps, the Turks tired of the attention to the mountain, which is located in the border area, the entrance to which is – only to pass. Maybe they are not willing to bear expenses for the rescue operation of the lost or caught in bad weather climbers.

the Abduction or disappearance in this neighborhood athletes from America, Europe or Russia could harm the reputation of the country.

one way or another, but in the twenty-first century Ararat is opened only once a year, in August. To get admission climbers can pass on one single route on the southern slope of the mountain, which is guarded by the Turkish military, but will not find the ark. Other ways to get to the mountain tourists not.

Keep it for Americans

However, the well-known Russian researcher involved in the search for the ark Vladimir Shataev, says that the mountain is closed for European, Russian and Armenian scientists, but not for Americans. He is confident that Ararat will examine the Americans. Headed by Professor bright they are searching at a height of 4,000 metres and above, and drilled the ice in search of the ship of Noah.

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