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The 16-year-old Zaid Garcia, of Texas, was a toddler, brandletsel and at the same time, his blankets catch fire due to a lit candle.His eyes were so severely burned, that the surgeons, they have their own skin over it...
The Style of The national organization, the Pink Ribbon, which is breast cancer fight, has today announced its campaign kicked off with the presentation of a new ribbon. What is striking is that the Coralie Barbier, the Belgian brand...
The decree about creation in the Tver region of the Russian-Polish memorial complex "Copper" was signed on 19 October 1996, and four years later — September 2, 2000, the monument to the Polish victims of Stalinist repression first came, their descendants, and lit candles. According to official data, received from the former head of the NKVD in Kalinin region Dmitry Tokarev, in this place in April-may 1940 it was buried more than 6300 shot Polish prisoners of war since 1939 in nearby Ostashkov special camp. Trapped in the USSR after the partition of Poland the prisoners, according to the basic version, were killed with pistols "Walter" and buried in a mass grave, where in 1937, lay the remains of repressed Soviet citizens.
showbiz, Sylvie Meis and her new flame, Niclas Castello, are going to get married. That is, the two confirmed to the German news medium Colourful. The couple met in June, but their relationship fell quickly in the...
We all know that Lavrentiy Beria was a great lover of women. According to rumors, a list of them seduced the ladies in the hundreds. Among them was 16-year-old schoolgirl Valentina Drozdova.[C-BLOCK]
Diplomatic relations of the young Soviet Russia and Germany after the First World war, resumed in 1922, when the RSFSR and the Weimar Republic signed the Treaty, proclaiming the failure of the parties from mutual claims. Document intensified trade between Berlin and Moscow, and also marked the beginning of military-technical cooperation of the red Army and the Reichswehr against the background of a humiliating failure for the German side of the Versailles Treaty. After the lesson, Stalin the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) in Lipetsk has appeared Russian-German flight school, and in Kazan tank school, where he was able to learn the students of the two friendly countries.
With this, old as the world, way recruited by dozens of agents all over the world received hundreds, if not thousands, of sheets of top secret documents of national importance. The most beautiful and the most famous "honey trap" in the history of foreign intelligence is considered to be Mata Hari.[C-BLOCK]
Think the Winny Suffys, a 25-year-long Coiffure Sublime is in the Kortrijkstraat in a Think ran from a Friday to see the new range of Monacovrouwen to FIVE years old. About eight years ago, she's Mean and she started...
The story of the life of Georgy Malenkov Maximilianovich, the official successor of Stalin as head of the country, full of mysteries and contradictions. In the Stalin years, he happily escaped repression and, subsequently, was in fact the second person in the country. After the leader's death Malenkov briefly headed the government, having the position of Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. But in 1962 because of political intrigue was removed from all leadership positions and expelled from the party. However, the amazing thing is that in his last years Malenkov became the only one among senior party leaders, who appealed to the Orthodox faith.
According to Soviet and Russian historian Anton Antonov-Ovseenko, described in his book "Beria", the people's Commissar of internal Affairs have abused more than two hundred women (according to other estimates, their number exceeded 300). The sentence imposed in respect of Lavrentiy Beria in December 1953, the quantification of ambiguously expressed and streamlined the term "many".


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