Vasily Dzhugashvili: why Stalin's son secretly reburied

History 12/01/20 Vasily Dzhugashvili: why Stalin’s son secretly reburied

As you know, the death of the son of the leader of Kazan. There he was buried. In 2002, however, the remains of Stalin Jr. was moved to the cemetery Troekurov Moscow. It is noteworthy that the tomb of Basil the relatives chose the Novodevichy cemetery, where he found his last refuge his mother. However, those who were engaged in the reburial had family ties with Stalin.

Vasily Stalin in Kazan

In April 1953, that is just a few weeks after his father’s death, Vasily Stalin was behind bars. He was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. According to Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, the author of the book “100 great mysteries of our time”, after the liberation, the USSR Prosecutor’s office and the state security Committee decided away from sin to send his son to Kazan, where he was denied entry to foreigners. In March 1961 Stalin Jr. was already in Kazan, where he was given a Studio apartment. Soon settled there and some Maria Nusberg with children.

Nurse Maria Ignatyevna, Nusberg (nee Severgina) appeared in the life of Vasily Iosifovich almost immediately after moving past in Kazan. They met when Stalin was in the hospital. Despite the fact that Nunberg had two children from a previous marriage, Vasily Stalin officially registered the relationship with her. If you believe Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, who wrote a book “My grandfather Joseph Stalin”, Basil even adopted daughters Nusberg. Since then, she and Maria Ignatyevna, and Tatiana and Lyudmila became Dzhugashvili. This name was specified in the passport obtained by Vasily Iosifovich in April 1961.

the Funeral at the cemetery Arsk

But this element of society does not exist. In March 1962, 40-year-old Vasily Stalin died. According to Alexander Ushakov, in his book “Wearilys wine,” according to the official version, the cause of death of Stalin Jr. was alcohol poisoning. Basil, on the new passport, Dzhugashvili was buried in the Arsk cemetery of Kazan. Svetlana Alliluyeva claimed that the funeral was attended by almost half of the city. However, Sergei Kramarenko, the author of the book “Against the “day” and “good”, with reference to the eyewitness wrote that to say goodbye to Basil came, only his children and a few curious people.

However, family is forgivable embellishment of events. And that’s what they were really unhappy, it’s the fact that the body of Vasily Stalin was not sent to Moscow. So, Vladimir Alliluev repeatedly appealed to Nikita Khrushchev requesting permission to bury Vasily Iosifovich next to his mother at the Novodevichy cemetery of the capital. However, according to Nikolay Zenkovich, the author of the book “Encyclopedic dictionary of Russian life and history,” Vladimir Alliluyeva and failed to achieve anything.

the Secret burial

the Situation changed only in the early 2000-ies. It was then close to Vasily Stalin received permission for the reburial of his remains in Moscow. If you believe the author of the book “Death of Stalin”, Leonid Mlechin, this event occurred not without the participation of defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. In November 2002, the remains of Stalin Jr. was transported from Kazan to the Russian capital. However, buried his son beside the mother at the Novodevichy cemetery as he wanted Vladimir Alliluev, and at the troyekurovskoye cemetery along with his last wife Maria Nusberg. Perhaps because the instigator of this process was one of the daughters of Maria Ignatievna, Tatiana.

according to Oleg Smyslov, author of “defenders of the Russian sky. From Nesterov before Gagarin”, the reburial took place early in the morning in complete secrecy, as if Tatiana was afraid that someone would be taken away from her the remains of his adoptive father. This activity seems strange though, because Vasily Stalin lived from Osberg and her children allgo for about a year and all the time abused alcohol. According to the eldest son of Basil I., Alexander Bordosskogo, the operation of the reburial was done by Tatiana Dzhugashvili in order to join the family of Stalin. “This kind of piracy peculiar to our time,” said Burdonsky.

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