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Friday, February 3, 2023
Although service dogs are able to help with autism and epilepsy, a trained dog will cost you up to $40,000 and your insurance will not cover it. Jenni Mahnaz says she isn't a big fan of dogs. As a child, she...
The once-Black enclave has been transformed into a plurally Latino community. This brings a new identity to the city, and presents new challenges. INGLEWOOD (Calif.) - Before Inglewood, in Los Angeles International Airport's shadows, is the center stage of Super Bowl...
After Lexi Reed was admitted for unspecified illness, her husband posted an update to her Instagram account. After being put on a ventilator for an unnamed illness, Lexi Reed, a fitness guru, is now making her way to recovery. 31 became...
A pet cockerel's owner abandoned him in his garden, leaving a note asking that he be taken care of. Chuck, a bantam-rooster, was placed above a fence in Brome, Suffolk where other chickens were kept. A handwritten note asked them if...
According to a survey of 25 corporations, many of the largest companies in the world are not meeting their climate change targets. According to the New Climate Institute report, they also exaggerate and misreport their progress. According to the study, Google,...
Much of the planet is "used up" and the world must make hard decisions about how land should be used. This is the message of 50 top experts about why land matters when tackling a variety of existential problems. For grand...
Porn websites must legally verify the age of users as per new internet safety laws. This legislation is part of the Draft Online Safety Bill and aims to provide children with better protection against explicit material. To ensure that users are...


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U.S. Money Reserve on Inflation and Its Effect on Your Retirement...

In November 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation in October 2022 had risen 7.7% from the year prior. This figure...