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Friday, December 9, 2022
Infowars host Alex Jones did not show up to testify under oath Wednesday at a deposition in a lawsuit brought by relatives of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. Jones was then called for arrest by the lawyers representing the...
Ketanji Jackson, the Supreme Court nominee, returned to the Senate Wednesday for a third day hearings. Republicans tried to portray her as softon crime while Democrats celebrated the historic nature her nomination to be the first Black woman to serve on...
Not only is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson being watched, but also the Supreme Court nominee. This historic moment in history is also being observed by senators, as they try to determine who the first Black woman will be on the high court. Some...
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed Thursday's bill into law that bans transgender women from participating in girls' high school sports and womens' college athletics. This rejects opponents' argument that Reynolds would cause harm to vulnerable children to address a problem...
Republicans have repeatedly been obstructed by local courts in their attempts to draw maps that will make it easier for them to win elections. They are trying to eliminate the power of state supreme courts, which can interfere with...
Friday's nomination by President Joe Biden of Judge Ketanji Jackson to Federal Appeals Court made her the first Black woman to be elected to the Supreme Court. This is a court that has previously declared her race unworthy to citizenship and supported American...
The White House initially refused to call it an invasion when Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized troops from Ukraine to cross the border into areas controlled by Russian-backed separatists. On Tuesday, key European allies joined the chorus to say Putin...


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