Business in war: as Henry Ford collaborated with the Third Reich

History 16/01/20 business in the war: as Henry Ford collaborated with the Third Reich

it is well Known that the gas Zyklon B used in gas chambers, produced by the German chemical concern IG Farben. But it was not the only group working for the Nazi regime.

Corporations working for the war

Become in the 60 years of the popular hippie brand of the Volkswagen car was created in the national socialist organization “Strength through joy” by Ferdinand Porsche in 1937 in Berlin, on the direct orders of Hitler. He hoped to create a “people’s car”, which the Germans had collected a Deposit, but the car came off the Assembly line after the war.

has the taint of collaboration with the Nazis, Krupp, Junkers, Focke-Wulf, Hugo Schmeisser.

Another Hugo – Boss – think the form designer, the Gestapo, the SS and Hitler youth. But some historians argue that the SS uniforms were designed by Professor Karl diebitsch and graphic artist Walter heck. But factory Hugo Boss sewing uniforms by order of the Nazi state that conclusively proved in his book the novel the Bonfire. Hugo himself joined the NSDAP in 1930 and actively collaborated with the regime.

the beginning of the Second world war, the factory Boss became an important military enterprise. In 1932 sales were 38 260, in 1941, 3.3 million REICHSMARK. Since 1940, the factory was using forced labor of prisoners of war and concentration camp prisoners.

Drink Fanta, which occupies a prominent place in the line of Coca-Cola, was created in Nazi Germany. Because of the ban on the import of concentrate from USA, Max Kite, agent of the production of Coca-Cola in Germany, found local ingredients, so Fanta was born.

By the way, Coca-Cola was the sponsor of the Olympic games 1936 in Berlin, and then in the Third Reich, the factories of the Corporation began to grow like mushrooms after the rain

Henry Ford worked for the Nazis

In 1938, avtopromyshlennikov Henry Ford received a merit PEed the Third Reich Grand Cross of the German eagle – the highest award the Nazis for foreigners. On the day of his 75th birthday, the award was presented by Consul of Germany in Detroit at the confluence of high society of the automotive capital of the United States.

And it wasn’t just anti-Semitic views, Ford (at the Nuremberg trials, one of the leaders of the attack claimed that the ranks of the Nazis, and he brought it to the Henry Ford’s books on Jewish themes). Henry Ford produced military products by order of the Nazis, used in the European factories of concentration camp prisoners.

These and other data are given in the book by max Wallace’s “the American axis”, released in the USA in 2003-and year. The book is written on the basis of archival documents, including those that had never been published. Hitler hung a portrait of Henry Ford in his office, and the principles of Fordism the Nazis used in industrial production.

In collaboration with Hitler seen General motors, General electric. So, in 1939, 70% of cars produced in Germany, was released by corporate affiliates of Ford and General motors.

Historian Bradford Snell so indicates the importance of GM to Germany: “Switzerland was a warehouse of stolen goods. DM was an integral part of the Wehrmacht. The Nazis could invade Poland and Russia without Switzerland, but they couldn’t implement it without a DM”.

James Mooney, Executive Director of DM was awarded the medal “for service to the Reich.” Historian Charles Hayam quoted Muni related to 1940: “Hitler was right, and I’m not going to disturb him”.

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