The city leaves for the weekend: picked up 4 magic recipe of vacation

According to forecasters, on the weekend of Novosibirsk waiting for wonderful hot weather, and I’m sure many will want to spend these days outside of their apartments. However, one should note that the rest is better to plan in advance and to choose the most suitable option. So, some interesting suggestions.

Go to relax outside the city. Wherever you decide to go, the tickets should be done well in advance as rental housing. Will carefully select options or did you know where and how you want to go, the main thing that at the time of booking and payment as your home Internet was great, and the best deals do not have time to intercept right from under his nose.

picnic with friends in the gazebo of the city. In Novosibirsk allowed to visit only summer terraces and street cafes. Take this opportunity to organize a summer gazebo, his eyes closed in observance of the important conditions. Not to miscalculate and have a great time with friends, you can advance in a homelike setting to choose, select and book the best option.

Romantic dinner under the open sky. what if to organize an evening with your loved one in a special way? Carefully prepared you can from home. Online order flowers, gift, selection for reviews of special courts with a wonderful view of the city. Organize an unforgettable evening, sitting in a homemade chair.

View movie together with friends. Another wonderful option. Order food with home delivery, create the right atmosphere, and select a movie to watch. In the video “the Siberian networks” there is certainly a suitable option. And no need to pre-download the film: watch online. At the end you can share experiences and discuss the best parts of the picture.