On the edge of the forest near Novosibirsk three days later found the missing 80-year-old pensioner — what happened to him

near Novosibirsk on a derelict site at the edge of the forest was found alive missing 3 Aug 80-year-old Gennady Izergina. Volunteers searched for him for more than three days.

Initially, the volunteers search group “Lisa Alert” Novosibirsk region checked SNT “Friendship”, where the pensioner had gone from his site. Later with the dog searchers examined and the adjacent waters, and yesterday went to check the woods.

Yesterday in search of was attended by 51 people. ‘ve seen enough abandoned land without a fence at the edge of the forest and at the entrance found things, presumably belonging to our missing. Went, began to Shine through the lights and found our missing which was on the site. Man alive, but he’s stationary. What happened — will need to determine doctors, — told the head of the NGS squad Ales Yablonsky.