Over the last two years, with the obvious chaos caused by the pandemic, and the radical shift in policies that came with the changes in the Whitehouse, it would be easy to assume the average American workplace is not a happy place to be.

In fact, with this article from CNBC just 7% of American workers saying they are in their dream job, it could be said that for most people every day is a bad day at the office. So, it’s time to cast a little light over what those workers can do when they get home to de-stress, unwind and take the strain out of their rather bleak 9-5.


Look for that ‘dream job’

It might seem obvious, but if anyone is in a job they hate, the logical thing to do is to find one they do like. However, with the ‘great resignation’ being made up with a large number of mid-career workers, this might be much easier said than done. People in the 30-45 age bracket have salaries that cannot be easy to replicate with entry level jobs in other industries without retraining, so unless some rapid financial belt tightening is done, this type of move is unlikely.

Of course, some will go into similar roles with better conditions and the ability to work remotely or adopt a hybrid arrangement, but many employees could be faced with getting a similar job to the one they already dislike.


Playing games online

So, if changing their job is not on the cards in the short term, what can they do to wind down and make themselves ready to go into the office tomorrow? Well, at the top of a lot of lists is playing games online.

These include the ones that top the console games charts and can be played with friends, but more commonly games that can be played on phones or tablets and are maybe a little less intense and can be put down easily or used at the same time as doing that other great wind-down pastime – watching Netflix or another streaming service.

These can be anything from ‘match 3’ type games, ones where the player manages a town or island, or the types of games found at freeextrachips.com, which might need a little more concentration.


Prepping meals for the days ahead

While escaping the office to buy a sandwich or grab a slice for lunch might be the highlight of the working day, it’s hard to ignore the financial and health benefits of home prepared meals over a fast-food lunch and phoning for takeout every evening.

Spending time preparing exactly what they want for lunch the next day and having something quick and tasty they can easily reheat when they walk in the door can do wonders for morale, sleep, and the longer term fitness of those who spend all day sat at a desk and all evening sat on the couch at home.