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For the time, which is at the end of 2019 was closed "in connection with absence of structure of a crime"
Better not drink it for Breakfast and not let the children of
On the first floor of the house organized a shower for dogs
From the received traumas he has died
An angry column of Elizabeth hyles about how the townspeople mixed themselves with garbage
Novosibirsk has shared with NSAs snapshots from family albums
The Minister noted that over the last hundred years rare building of Novosibirsk without Kar'erskiy gravel
The house is erected on the Bay next to a boat station
The municipality decided to evict the disabled out of the Dorm, but they have nowhere to move
Sunday night on the highway a forehead in a forehead has faced two cars
She won the right to represent Russia at international competitions
A fire has inherited the hair color from the grandparents, and their parents — not red
Machine the mayor there, and he lives in the apartment of his wife
A new road has been repaired in several places
Putin confirmed the readiness to assist in resolving problems
Lukashenko said that if they held elections, Belarus will die as a state
The tea in the porcelain cups were real, says photographer
Siberian the victim wrote a statement to the police. The attacker lit up on the cameras
Look, when the regions flooded by heavy rains
The building owners wanted to make the property the plot, but was refused and went to court
The movement is paralyzed on the strip in the direction of Novosibirsk
Sasha — the full namesake, and they have a lot in common. The girls were able to become close friends, despite the difficulties with his father
This week, the Governor allowed water bodies to open — and there immediately gushed people
People came to the center to support Belarus, Bashkirs and political prisoners
Child with a head injury, brain concussion and bruises was taken to the hospital
According to the search group "Lisa Alert", the child may be in Baryshevo
The home is located in one of the best areas of the city
Apartments with kitchens with pantries, bedrooms with walk-in closets and 14 of the plan in the house "Odessa"
You can vote from 11 to 13 September in the place where you prefer. But we must in advance apply
This service is available to both individuals and legal entities
According to preliminary information, the accident killed people
Told one proven way of group of companies "PromUpak"
New photos with the violators of Parking rules in Novosibirsk
Any citizen can participate in the contest and win some cool prizes
The most useful tips for those who want to get money and not to miss the velvet season
Biting rates on flights, 72-hour testing and special tongs for food
The artist said that half of the money goes to Belarusians
They try to be a good grandma, but don't forget to follow along — see for yourself
Italian cafe, crafty fast food, sidreria and Turkish confectionery
The woman suffered serious burns and is now in the hospital
The shares are collecting signatures to a claim against the amendments to the Constitution
Today, exactly 30 years died a famous musician
Admission to the inside is restricted due to pandemic
Until the end of August from Novosibirsk fly 4 export of aircraft
Photos and video from the scene of the confrontation between the defenders of ecology and Riot
The inhabitants of the sleeping area shot it
From the kick off one of the wheels, and the engine was in the cabin
Parse an accident on the Bolshevik with the participation of "Fields" and van
The youngest was 63 years old
In Russia, this species of cats is only in the Novosibirsk zoo
In total, the region became ill on 10 thousand 518 people
The movement is paralyzed in both directions
How to save money on the road and housing and where the most delicious pasties
The man, according to witnesses, tried to save the fallen friend
A woman who is treated for eight months, asked for more — 250 thousand rubles
The construction of the building can't finish for 30 years
The region was a plateau. Now the incidence, according to the authorities, is on the decline
The personality of the new leader is kept secret. Want to submit only Monday
The study of the Declaration of the three Ministers (and waiting for the others)
The room is on the main street of the capital cost is three times more expensive
Compared with 2018, he earned a million more
The last few days she spent in a coma
Director on regional development of car sharing "Telemobil" told how the service scored more than 75 thousand users in Novosibirsk
Today on the NHS talk about a small car "Oka", converted in the SUV. The owner of the car Roman uses it for travel, fishing, outings and just riding over the fields. What he did with this car —...
Instead, it will build a new building — it will be more current
Here you can find any furniture for the house and office
The staff decided to teach a lesson to "not respecting podkidyvaet"
Hangouts on Soviet, Siberian Peter, cozy places that still appreciate young people
Schools allowed parents to decide how they will study their children
The incident occurred in the Parking lot BC of "Time" — next to a house under construction premium Richmond Residence
Where to find a refreshing seasonal beverages, a unique view of the city and the resort with loungers and pool
The artist compares his taste with orgasm and believes that it will save shoppers from sexual trauma
Forecasters said will flood the region with rains
Security forces did not intervene in the course of numerous demonstrations, and the detainees released from the insulators.
In Minsk for Lukashenko voted slightly more than 60% of voters
Alexandra Rogovskaya went missing more than a month ago
The head, Deputy and Secretary of the electoral Commission has published returns for 2019
On the problematic intersection of a traffic jam
Among them, BelAZ and MAZ. Published 11 protest videos and one concert-prayer
According to preliminary information, the accident no one was killed
A unique bas-reliefs of the Soviet, Makarenko and pioneers will scan to recreate a new facade
Famous chocolate factory released its natural sweetness according to GOST
According to eyewitnesses, before the ambulance the victim was bleeding
Yury Karaeu took responsibility for injury, as he put it, "random people"
Thus it years later took revenge on them for the testimony they gave against him in court
The man fled the scene of the accident, but the company sought him out, and fired
They did not know that the resorts made for the safety of Russian tourists
The developer received permission to build the first phase of the third ring
A Threesome? Orgasm in a woman? Same-sex couples? Ugh, how dirty and disgusting (actually not)
Residents of the city immediately posted dozens of photos in Instagram
Answer 7 popular questions for those who are going on sea
We have collected the most stylish, successful and attractive trends of the new season that are applicable in everyday life
According to preliminary information, injured in an accident no
Some children will be studying on the mixed schedule — part-time
And was going to repay the riots of mass employment
Published an open letter to people's artist of the USSR, President of Belarus
Mortgage payment for an apartment here starts from 6 656 rubles a month
New buildings of the left Bank more promising: soon there will be a new ice arena and metro station
Just find a realtor — gathered in one article of real estate professionals with certification and years of experience
Where to open an account, to be 6% per annum
Only here for school groups to attend performances will be impossible until
The singer is in a coma from her brain swelling
To recover after an illness can be harder than it seems
According to preliminary reports, the man crossed the road on red light
Sometimes they bring customers flowers to see their reaction. And PR they have in charge of the dog Ozzy
Putin said that his daughter experienced on her
The ban is no longer in effect since the publication of the decision
The President said at a meeting with government members
Russia was the first vaccine. We decided to ask the city's residents, whether they are ready to be vaccinated
Two videos from the oppositional candidate in presidents of Belarus
The actor had problems with his heart
All the medical institutions listed 170 million rubles
Nina Zatonskii became ill, was treated and why he died — says her son
The traffic jam stretches for two kilometers
Delicious name, layout, and landscaping. In the house there are only a few vacant apartments
The residents of "Berezki-Elite" love their village and are happy to talk about it
The man, according to witnesses, fell from the height of the fifth floor
In the house there are carved stairs, separate dressing room and a few bathrooms, and the area — a summer kitchen and pond
The representatives sent a letter to the Governor with a request to allow them to open
The main thing — not to put a diagnosis yourself
Dmitry said, why not to despair even in the most difficult situations
The drunk driver crashed into a car, behind which stood a man with a girl
To the man threatens till 15 years of imprisonment
The center for reproductive health "Vitromed" brought together experts from different medical specialties
An experienced oncologist-mammolog, the plastic surgeon explains how breast reconstruction returns women to normal life
Published an updated schedule
Daily from the metro, trams and trolleybuses run up to 50 people
In the national rankings were Bugrinskij bridge, the hotel Marriott and the Biotechnopark in Koltsovo
Select a Suzuki Grand Vitara second generation 2005-2008 model years
In total, the region recorded 10 cases 269 kovida
The Governor decided that the situation in the region stabilized
The story of the old "Moskvich-401", which all went grandfather born in 1919
Check what you know about the pills
Nutritionists said, what's wrong with the popular porridge
Previous controversial party was held at the end of may — then the police did not disperse
In total, the region from kovida died 280 people
At purchase for the sum of 2000 rubles, the discount will be 10%, and the purchase of 7000 rubles — 30%
In the opposite direction the road is clear
Another collection of facts of violation of Parking rules
Mysterious fall from the window, the brutal murder of a pregnant, missing Siberian Peugeot and other crimes
During the day, recovered 84. But the number of new infected until more
Let's see whether suitable Novosibirsk for a ride on the trendy transport
To choose the purchase can be in any place in their free time — they will be brought directly to the apartment
On Ordzhonikidze street, the driver tried to drive on the sidewalk, despite the protests of the pedestrians
The order was signed by the Minister of culture Natalia Yaroslavtseva
After the crime, he fled the region
How to prevent a catastrophe, will prompt hypermarket Hello!
In total, the region from kovida died 269 people
To grow this crop, you need to choose the grade and, of course, take good care of the garden
How people live next to a garbage landfill and a huge market with a bad reputation
The rating took into account the mention in such media as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Washington Post
Publish photographs with the consequences of a fire in the garbage landfill
The transaction value was not disclosed, but in 2018, experts have valued the company at 6 billion rubles
The victim received burns of 4 degrees of face, neck, trunk, lower extremities and right shoulder
The man is already the second time comes on the cultivation of prohibited plants
He was the first officer, who died at the hands of the killer. The customer has never been found
In sanatorium "Barnaul" successful treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system
For all the time in the region from COVID-19 died 262 resident
In total, the region was 9939 cases of infection with Kovalam
According to Konstantin Halzov, this should decrease the prevalence of coronavirus
The first buyers will receive gifts and participate in draw of home appliances
The cure, according to the developers, promotes healing and tissue regeneration
Citizens are encouraged to take the child's hand and to break away from the smartphone
Any of the options of rest easy to choose a good home Internet
Kudryashovskiy told how much you spend at the treatment facility, and experts suggested that to make more
Doctors were forced to perform the operation under General anesthesia
It seems that the quarantine is fully lifted. But it just seems — study the list of prohibitions, and the distressed areas
Now the region is expected to centralized supply of vaccines
From 7 to 12 August, will remain abnormally hot weather with temperatures 30 degrees and above
Choose the most delicious ice cream for abnormal August heat. I bet the results will surprise you?
The wife says she lied out of jealousy. The consequence considers that the violence is still there