After Lexi Reed was admitted for unspecified illness, her husband posted an update to her Instagram account.

After being put on a ventilator for an unnamed illness, Lexi Reed, a fitness guru, is now making her way to recovery.

31 became an Instagram star in 2016 after she documented a dramatic weight-loss journey. Together with her husband Danny Reed who lost 95 lbs, she lost 312 pounds.

According to her husband, she is now in hospital and cannot walk.

Reed posted a picture of his wife on her Instagram account, “Lexi started getting sick a few weeks back and couldn’t eat any food.” I took her to the hospital, where she was placed in an ICU coma and ventilator. They also informed me that her organs were failing.
Reed stated that Reed was told it was possible that she could have died if she was not brought to the hospital.

His update stated that his wife no longer uses a ventilator, but that she is currently on dialysis and can’t walk. He is working to get her back on track.

ToDAY’s requests for comment, Danny and Lexi Reed didn’t immediately respond.

Reed shared on Instagram that Reed does not have insurance but thanked his followers and fans for their prayers and positive messages.

Reed wrote, “They all mean so many to us and this is a long difficult battle part of her tale but she’s strong!”

In an earlier interview , the Reeds stated that they lost weight together in January 2016. After Lexi was 485 pounds, she realized that her weight was limiting the activities she and her husband could enjoy together.

TODAY heard from them that they had made changes in their diets and exercise in order to achieve their goals. After three years of their resolution Lexi has lost over 300 pounds and Danny, who began at 281 pounds lost just 100.

Lexi had many pounds of excess skin taken out in a series of surgical procedures in 2018 and 2019.

“I felt all the emotions. “I could see my toes for the first time in my life. My belly button was visible for the first time in my life. After one procedure in 2019, , I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror.