Police are asking for help in finding a young blonde — they can't find her for a year

Novosibirsk police are searching for 36-year-old Mary Bobrovsky woman left home a year ago, her whereabouts are still unknown. Now the regional Ministry of internal Affairs has addressed for the help to possible witnesses.

— signs of the missing: by sight 30 years, growth 158 cm, a thin Constitution, hair light-fair-haired to shoulders, blue eyes, left ear and under left shoulder-blade scars. In the upper jaw, three missing front teeth, — said the press service.

it is Known that Maria Bobrovskaya June 14, 2019 went from the house № 29 along the street Ippodromskaya in an unknown direction. As explained by the correspondent of NGS in the search group “Lisa Alert”, the volunteers searching for a woman not engaged to him, such request was received.