In Novosibirsk declared the search of the men who left camp near comignago of the hospital and disappeared

In Novosibirsk declared the search for 82-year-old Otto Pavlov. Yesterday, may 29, he was brought to hospital № 11, where to take patients with suspected COVID-19.

We went to the clinic to do x-rays, he was sick. Temperature was gone, and the hospital was not very good tests. Said to call an ambulance, we called, and an ambulance transferred him to the 11th hospital. In the end, in 4 hours the day we arrived the ambulance was driving right behind her, stopped here. The officer of our clinic said that they will do a CT scan and possibly get sent home, be home treated, or transferred to another hospital. We decided to wait to find out what room he was sent, to the hospital, of course, is not allowed, — told the correspondent of NGS Irina, the daughter of the missing men.