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Animals, Google, the schomburgk-deer’, or the scientific naming of Rucervus schomburgki - when you're reading pet of the week, since 1938 to be extinct, it is. Only speaking, a recent invention that is this: apparently, the deer was still...
Director: The last of the cars on Thursday that it inspected during the vehicle inspection from the Director. That will close after the first 60 years of its doors to the public. The following Monday, everyone can have his...
Today the descendants of the Cossacks often think about the tragedy of "decossackization", which became the reason of mass transfer the Cossacks to the enemy during the great Patriotic war. Meanwhile, relations of Cossacks and the Soviet government was and lighter pages. In 1936 "the Cossacks" was adopted by the head of the USSR Joseph Stalin.
Celebrities At the Washington is an actress of Jane Fonda " (p. 81) and for the fourth week in a row, was arrested during a klimaatrally in the united states Capitol building. The actress has also in the...
"If there is reincarnation, I'd like my next life to live in Venice" — so said Joseph Brodsky. No wonder the poet wanted to find his last refuge on the island of San Michele. However, the Russian Orthodox Church is not allowed to bury Brodsky in the Russian part of the local cemetery. And as it turned out, there were reasons.
The centre Workers of the youth centre, Under The Tower, they shared Wednesday night, forced a call on Facebook after she is, for the fourth time in a row to have them stolen by a burglar. “Please Help us,...
If the Tunguska meteorite is a celestial object is well known not only in our country but also abroad, then, for example, Popigai heard few even of our fellow citizens. Although this unknown celestial object was many times larger than the Tunguska – because he left in Siberia huge crater more than 100 kilometers in diameter. It is difficult to imagine the scale of the disaster that occurred about 35 million years ago...


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How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

Formally, the war, which will be discussed, lasted from 11 December 1994 (according to other sources – 31 November) to August 31, 1996. But the events that led to it, developed a 4-year, public statements by Boris Yeltsin in Kazan on 6 August 1990: "Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow!". In August 1991 led by Dzhokhar Dudayev "United Congress of the Chechen people" (NCCP) was on the side of Boris Yeltsin. Russia became an independent state in December 1991.