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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Humboldt University (HU) is being sued for discrimination against trans, intersex and non-binary students. (Detailed background here.) The university refuses its students to use self-chosen names on university documents "with external impact" - such as cafeteria card, student ID...
According to insiders, the federal government wants to significantly reduce new debt from 2023 and, for the first time since 2019, comply with the debt brake in the Basic Law. Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is planning net new...
(Kyiv) Russia struck Ukraine again with Iranian-made drones on Thursday, a day after accusing its neighbor of launching an unprecedented drone attack on the Kremlin.On the Russian territory side, drones hit oil refineries in areas close to Ukraine on...
In Winnipeg, the meeting ended with the regular season of the National hockey League between the local "jets" and "new York Rangers". "Fighters" on the ice conceded to the rival with the score 1:4. One of the best players of the match was the Russian goalkeeper Igor Shestyorkin.
India will overtake the population of China this month. Or maybe in July. Or has it already happened?Demographers aren't sure when India will take the title of the world's most populous nation, as they rely on estimates to make...
On Friday afternoon, the area around the Berlin Olympic Stadium was cleaned up. The shards were swept up that had remained after Hertha BSC's final appearance in the first relegation game. And while Berlin's Bundesliga club can only try...
Abroad, the death toll from The floods in the northern part of India, it is caused due to abnormally late monsoon rains, has risen to nearly 140. Report this to the local authorities. for The last four days...
Of science, engineering and Planet-in A new study of online shopping and the environmental impact of the eco-footprint of who is behind his or her computer to make a purchase and those that at home to make the best...
30 km from Warsaw, was a Russian Modlin fortress, is a huge fortified area and the primary site of defense on the Western frontier of the Russian Empire. Despite the 80-strong garrison modern weapons and supplies of food novogeorgievsk was under the surrendered of the smaller German army. Contemporaries of those events, and researchers have considered surrender the greatest shame of the Russian army not only in the First world war but throughout its history.
(New York) Two men were arrested early Monday on federal charges accusing them of conspiring to act as agents of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in connection with a police station in the Manhattan's Chinatown, authorities said at...


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