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In the capital city expanded paid Parking zone - now she's appeared in more than 80 streets. Mainly new Parking spaces located close to train stations, transport hubs and shopping centres, which living near citizens often are not enough seats. In addition, selectively changed the Parking fees.
The head of the NKVD Nikolai Yezhov was closely linked with the Stalinist repressions. He positioned himself as a dedicated supporter of leader, ruthless to the enemies of Soviet power. What are some interesting facts contains the biography of the "iron Commissar"?
During the Great Patriotic war millions of Soviet citizens fought against the Nazis. However, among the soldiers of the red army were the soldiers, military share performance was comparable with the whole company.
Celebrities, Reese Witherspoon (43), who was not ready to bring her entire wardrobe from the movie ‘Legally Blonde’ way to do it, and they have the pictures taken. Told the actress in " The Graham Norton Show’. At...
War heroes – not only those who led the operation, or directly destroy the equipment and enemy soldiers. We should not forget those who save the lives of soldiers and officers, risking their. A native of the village of Cherkasy Zinaida Mareseva became a real guardian angel for dozens of Soviet soldiers, which she did more than help on the battlefield, but also pulled to the rear for yourself, under heavy artillery fire...
Russian pilot Ivan Fedorov became a legend of Soviet aviation, received the highest military awards from the state leaders of the opposing powers during the great Patriotic war — Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. History knows no parallel of such an amazing destiny.[C-BLOCK]
Tatar artist Haris Yakupov was one of the contenders for the destruction. The Nazis included it in the "Search list", which included people, something does not please the Nazi regime and Hitler personally. But what is a talented artist who never met the führer, could to annoy him?


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How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

Formally, the war, which will be discussed, lasted from 11 December 1994 (according to other sources – 31 November) to August 31, 1996. But the events that led to it, developed a 4-year, public statements by Boris Yeltsin in Kazan on 6 August 1990: "Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow!". In August 1991 led by Dzhokhar Dudayev "United Congress of the Chechen people" (NCCP) was on the side of Boris Yeltsin. Russia became an independent state in December 1991.