Gestaltung: Tagesspiegel/Schuber Foto: Thilo R¸ckeis Thilo R¸ckeis TSP Bad der 5000. Wohnung, die von der GESOBAU AG im Senftenberger Ring 26 im M‰rkischen Viertel in Berlin-Reinickendorf fertig saniert wurde.

Episode 13. Thanks to his testimony, eight Hells Angels from Berlin are in prison for life for murder – now he has to fear for his own life: Kassra Zargaran was one of the most violent rockers in Germany and followed their rules and rituals. Here he tells why he turned against his “president” in the end and what he is allowed to reveal about his new life in witness protection.

Episode 12. Shortly before Christmas, 39-year-old Ryan disappears in Berlin without a trace. His relatives are looking for him and come across a thicket of inconsistencies and lies. With us, Ryan’s good friend Marcus tells us how they reconstructed the last hours before Ryan’s disappearance and where the search ultimately led them.

Episode 11. A dead man who must have fallen from a great height. But not a building far and wide. What happened? Investigator Bernhard Jass reveals how he chased a phantom for weeks and what amazing twists and turns there were.

Episode 10. Mariam Notten is 73, a worried grandmother and bearer of the Federal Cross of Merit. Then she stabs her son-in-law with two knives. About the investigation of a disturbing crime, the motive for which initially remained completely unclear.

Episode 9. In a quiet side street in Berlin-Mitte, a passer-by discovers a battered corpse of a woman in a sleeping bag, the police find a dug hole in the sandpit… And what about the two homeless people who have disappeared?

Episode 8. A 14-year-old girl is murdered at home by her classmate. The perpetrator wanted to know what it feels like to kill a human being. After the murder in Berlin, the question arises: How does the victim’s mother endure what happened?

Episode 7. A corpse lies unnoticed in the living room closet for ten days. The neighbors heard screams but did nothing. And the victim’s lodger is gone. Is she the culprit?

Episode 6. A 20-year-old is kidnapped in Neukölln. His kidnappers demand a large ransom and threaten to kill the student. And the investigators wonder why the perpetrators chose Vadim Freikman, even though he doesn’t come from a wealthy family.

Episode 5. A badly battered corpse. A prostitute who constantly contradicts herself. And a crime that will take 13 years to solve.

Episode 4. A fully clothed woman is found dead in the bathtub in an apartment on Nollendorfplatz. The traces of the crime match the actions of a serial killer who has just been released from prison after many years in prison – and is now somewhere in Berlin.

Episode 3. A 42-year-old businessman from Berlin-Wilmersdorf is reported missing. His roommate suspects that the disappeared was on a multi-day sex orgy. The police have a completely different suspicion. But how is she supposed to prove a murder if there is no body?

Episode 2. 18-year-old Emma Kibalsky doesn’t come back to her parents’ terraced house after a party. Her body was found the next morning in the bushes not far from Wuhletal train station. The murder investigators are puzzled: Was the perpetrator waiting for Emma in the bushes? Or was he sitting on the train with his future victim?

Episode 1. It is Thursday, July 7th, 2011, when two anglers in Berlin’s Oberschöneweide district discover a black trolley suitcase at the bottom of the Spree. They pull him out of the river and find a human torso inside, packed in a garbage bag.

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