Today, a jilted medical student was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for attempting to disguise himself as a black man and put on a heavy suit before unleashing a jealous rage over his ex-girlfriend.

Dr Rym Alaoui was severely injured when her former boyfriend and colleague threw acid into her face. It was a premeditated, horrific and planned attack that took place on her Brighton doorstep.

Milad Rouf (25), disguised himself to be a large, black woman and threw sulphuric acids over his ex-girlfriend after she answered her door in May.

Dr Alaoui sustained life-altering injuries to her neck, chest and face. Lewes Crown Court heard that she cannot close her eyes, move her neck, and has lost her sight in her right eye.

Rouf, originally from Cardiff, was equipped with an acid attack tool before he traveled to Eltham, South East London, and then to Brighton, where he waited for his victim.

Police officers discovered a “shopping list” detailing Rouf’s disguise after searching Rouf’s apartment.

Rouf was told by Christine Laing, QC, Her Honour Judge Christine Laing QC that he was a threat to women. She sent him to prison for an extended sentence of 15 year.

Both of them studied medicine at Cardiff University. Rouf planned Rouf’s attack after Dr Alaoui broke up with them and they moved to Brighton in April.

The court heard that Rouf had already planned and executed his bizarre attack within weeks. The judge stated that Rouf was well aware of the effects sulphuric acids would have on the body. He was unable to comprehend the attack, said the judge.

Judge Laing stated, “You planned out what you wanted to accomplish and how you would do it. Then you did it over several weeks.”

“You knew what you did was wrong, but you tried to avoid responsibility to keep your medical career going.

Judge Laing said that the attack was not explained by jealousy or anger at being rejected.

Rouf cracked his voice as he replied Guilty to the charges of causing grievous bodily injury with intent and using sulfuric acid with intent burn, maim or disfigure at an earlier hearing.

Rouf poured sulphuric acids over Dr Alaoui who was in her 20s when she answered her front door at Steine Gardens, Brighton. The concentrated acid scorched her front door’s paintwork.

Dr Alaoui stated in a victim personal declaration that she is worried about her future because Rouf took her career and young adult lives.

After their breakup, she moved to Brighton and worked as a junior physician at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Dr Alaoui stated in the statement: “When I answered the door that day, I was confronted by a substance that I now recognize as sulphuric Acid.

“My life has changed since the day that I was attacked by a terrible attack. I fear for my financial future and live in pain.

“The attack caused severe damage to my right side eye, which I am still unable see from. Eye lid damage and skin damage on the arm and neck.

“I cannot move my neck or close my eyes. Five surgeries have been performed on me. I am still trying to accept more operations and procedures.

“I cannot work or live my daily life because of disability. I was robbed of years in my career and my young adult life. I felt a huge psychological impact on my family members and friends.

“I can’t even imagine how someone would do such a horrible and premeditated attack.” The doctor said that he couldn’t understand his thoughts.

She was taken from her home to the Royal Sussex Hospital, where she was treated by fellow colleagues.

Rouf knocked at her door disguised in a large, dark woman and threw acid over her at 4.20pm on 20 May.

Rouf gave his ex-girlfriend an acid attack note. He threw it in her face while she was looking down at the note. Rouf dumped his disguise all over the city, before buying new clothes at Primark and fleeing back to Wales.

A neighbor said that they heard a “really bad scream” before witnessing the young woman being taken out of their property wearing a blanket over her heads.

“I ran down to see what was outside, but it sounded like a terrible scream you don’t want to hear. It was a serious scream. It was a young woman, I knew that.

“I couldn’t find the source of the noise, so I went back in. The next thing I knew there were police officers and an ambulance outside. She was covered with a blanket.

Another neighbor described seeing an acid attack kit outside the property following the attack.

He stated that he went to the shop at 9pm yesterday to pick up some items and found a plastic container with a printed note inside. It said, “Acid attack kit”.

Following the incident, police conducted extensive investigations. They also examined hours of CCTV footage to track Rouf’s movements.

According to a spokesperson for Sussex Police, the victim opened her door and the suspect threw a corrosive material over it before fleeing.

The victim, who Rouf had known through their studies, sustained life-altering injuries in the attack. Officers discovered that he disguised himself as an actress to carry out his attack.

“As he fled, he discarded his costume in bins all over the city before purchasing new clothes from Primark.

“After his arrest, a search at his Cardiff home found items that matched the clothing he purchased in Brighton. Also, there was a handwritten list of items he included in the disguise.

Rose Horan, the investigating officer, stated that it was a premeditated and malicious incident. She also expressed gratitude to the victim for her courage and dignity. She was an inspiration.

“I also want to thank all the officers involved in the investigation and the community. We reached out to many businesses in the city center and received hundreds of hours worth of CCTV.

“In the end, we were able to track Rouf’s movements throughout the city and build an effective case against him. This has led to a guilty plea in court.

Rouf, a Newport Road resident from Cardiff, is the founder and managing Director of DocBot. He was named marketing director for DocBot by Dr Alaoui. Rouf says that the site was created by UK medical students and junior doctors.

“Our mission is to decrease preventable diseases in the UK and increase awareness about health issues.

Dr Alaoui’s online bio stated that Rym is her marketing and finance manager at DocBot. I am currently an F1 doctor in Brighton.

‘I am particularly interested in neurology and the anaesthetics and was president of the Cardiff University Anaesthetics, Perioperative and Intensive Care Society.

“In my spare time, I enjoy martial art, coffee (probably too much), and languages!

Rouf called himself the Taker Of Naps in his online statement. “My name is Milad, and I am DocBot’s founder and managing director.

DocBot was created in summer 2016 by DocBot, a combination of preventative medicine and medical education.

“I am currently in my last year at Cardiff’s medical school and am very interested in general medicine and anaesthesia.

‘I am currently president of Cardiff University Anaesthetics, Perioperative and Intensive Care Society.

“We are proud to have a team of medical students and junior doctors. It is their hard work that allows DocBot to offer high-quality content.

Rouf was sentenced for 11 years in custody and an additional four-year sentence.

He will spend at least three quarters his 11-year sentence in prison before being released on licence. As he was being taken down, he showed no emotion.

Joe Pullen, Crown Prosecution Service, stated that this was a shocking attack and pre-mediated attack. It was motivated by jealousy. The failure to accept their end of a relationship left a young lady with life-altering injuries.

“My thoughts are with this courageous woman, whose strength throughout the investigation was inspiring. I pray she finds some comfort in today’s sentence.

“I also want to thank the Sussex Police for their exceptional work in uncovering Rouf’s elaborate disguise.

“I’m pleased that we were able build a strong case against him using extensive physical evidence and CCTV evidence. He pleaded guilty to the most appropriate charge, applying corrosive liquid with intent.

“This violence is not allowed in our society.” CPS is committed protecting domestic abuse victims through close collaboration with police to build strong cases and to bring about the appropriate charges.