It is widely recognized that access to a psychologist in the public network is complex and often involves an obstacle course. Very often to the detriment of a vulnerable person and their loved ones who no longer have the energy to fight. These access difficulties are due, among other things, to a constant decrease in the number of psychologists in the public network for more than a decade.

According to data from the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, there is currently a 26% decrease in the number of psychologists in the health network compared to 2010. However, mental health needs have exploded and Quebec’s population has increased. of approximately 1.3 million people during this period.

Not easy for mental health to carve out the place it should have in the public network.

And then these effects are felt everywhere: absenteeism from work that sometimes leads to lifelong disabilities and contributes to the labor shortage we are experiencing, skyrocketing suicide attempts among young people and visits to emergencies for mental health problems, to name a few examples.

Integrating mental health into our overall vision of the human being as well as into our care would do everyone a lot of good. However, changes in vision and “culture” take time. Some would even say “too much”, and with good reason. However, as with the people we treat, patience seems to be in order. By the way, so far it has paid off:

Of course, there is still a long way to go. But there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. We know what to do. It remains to be done. The Coalition of Psychologists of the Quebec Public Network is ready to contribute to the achievement of this objective by providing its full cooperation to the government and to all those who have this cause at heart.