The coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region more ill 106

In recent days, according to the July 6, coronavirus infection identified another 106 of Novosibirsk.

— Now in the field 6611 people with confirmed COVID-19, among them 384 of the child. In intensive care units are 113 people — said today at the working meeting of Governor of the Novosibirsk region the Minister of health of the region Konstantin Halzov. — For the day with community-acquired pneumonia admitted to hospital 95 people.

Many of the city’s residents, meanwhile, remain without tests for coronavirus. It happened with the organizer of corporate events Nastya Orlova. She got sick, was left without a test and was forced to fight for herself. How hard is it to wait for the doctors, as I had secretly tests how much money is spent on treatment of coronavirus and why a Siberian with pneumonia were not taken to hospital — read her story of recovery.