The child sees the parents do not realize: the doctor told me how to recognize myopia

Sometimes the child doesn’t notice that he starts to squint when he looks into the distance. Therefore, parents often do not suspect that he had bad eyesight. Although the reasons are many: the children are almost all free time playing in the tablet, and most of the domestic tasks performed on the computer. A cure for myopia has not yet been invented, but over the past decade, ophthalmologists have found ways that can help to improve vision in children. About what to pay attention to parents, in order to identify myopia and how its development can be slowed down, said Irina Smirnova, Director of ophthalmic centers, “the Eye”.

— What are the main problems of children’s short-sightedness?

— Children’s myopia is a very insidious disease. It sneaks up on us. Most often, when we are approached, we will not see the beginning of the process, which takes place covertly, and progressive myopia. According to statistics, the disease begins about a year before its discovery, when no one didn’t have a clue. The child does not speak, but parents do not think. During this year, the disease develops rapidly. That is why it is very important to identify the problem as early as possible. If this latent period we start diagnosis and treatment, you can get very good results with progressive myopia may slow or stop altogether.

— What to do parents to recognize the short-sightedness at an early stage?

— first, parents should know that child every year to check your vision, especially when the parents have it bad. If one parent is myopic, the probability of the development of the disease the child three times, and if both, then six times. But now a lot of myopia is not hereditary, when it occurs due to lifestyle of the child. Therefore, parents need to be always on the alert to check the child’s vision regularly.