Novosibirets graduated from Novosibirsk state technical University, but he left everything and became a furnace now for a year in Russia, eats half his pies

Daniel Seifert graduated from NSTU, but really was fascinated by his technology, and cooking. Having worked in several companies associated with the food, he decided along with friend Alexander Nekrasov to open your business. Both loved to cook, so at first the friends wanted to make a Chinese noodle house, but it turned out that this requires too much investment. The idea was inspired by father Daniel: why not organize the delivery of the pies, because to eat (but not cook) people always want.

because 10 years ago was born the company “home fries”. From the family bakery business has grown into a large company: the subsidiaries operate in eight cities, which during the year used to produce about 500 thousand pies. How to earn in a competitive market and to motivate people to always try something new, read the material.