Stas Sokolov about the first time in the history of coffee won in Russia tea. And you believe it?

While everyone is busy counting the sick and convalescent, in Russia there was a watershed event — for the first time, coffee surpassed tea in terms of consumption. This is a real turning point not only in the history of the use of drinks as a sign of deep changes in society. Tea country was coffee and now it is a statistically proven fact. Why and how it happened — in a newspaper column Stas Sokolov.

the milestone was recorded by the Association “rusteacoffee”, which estimates that in 2019, Russia had sold 180 thousand tons of coffee (all types) and only 140 thousand tonnes of tea. It happened for the first time in the history of observations. It is, of course, on the dry product, calculate how much he made cups of beverage, can only be very approximate. But that coffee really became the main drink of the inhabitants of Russia, doubt is not necessary.