Sberbank during isolation has allocated more than 7 billion project financing for the construction

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Sberbank has funded the construction of 27 housing complexes in Siberia for a total amount of 7.1 billion rubles. Since the beginning of the project year funding received 36 developers in the amount of 16.7 billion rubles.

Also during the pandemic coronavirus buyers opened in the savings Bank 1640 escrow accounts. With the beginning of the year, from January to March 2020, it was discovered more than 2500.

Escrow account is an escrow account, funds for which are reserved by the Bank until putting the house in operation. If the developer does not rent out the house on time, funds from the account will be returned to the buyer.

the Safety of customers in the calculation for the property provided by cashless secure payments. During isolation (March — may 2020) clients of Sberbank made 139 206 transactions with secure payments. Since the beginning of 2020 decorated 264 316 transactions with secure payments, of which 14 701 — s escrow account.

Tatyana of Galkin, the Chairman of the Siberian Bank of Sberbank of Russia: “We see that, despite the current circumstances, the construction market continues at a steady pace. We continue to appeal to developers for project financing, and we Finance the construction of housing, even in larger quantities than they had planned. Gradually expanding the list of contractors-partners who offer apartments in their homes at unprecedented rates from 1% per annum.”

the General license of Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1481.

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