Music marathon on the radio

for the fourth time on the radio “Gorodskaya volna” is a creative contest-festival “the Star names of Novosibirsk”. Every year opens up new talent, dozens of creative people and teams become known throughout the entire city.

From 23 to 26 June at the “City wave FM 101.4” we will remember, how was the competition in previous years. Every weekday from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning of the program “Novosibirsk — main!” leading communicate with winners of first, second and third festivals. Dmitry Hammer and Vadim Belinskiy know the finalists, has anything changed after participation in “Star names Novosibirsk”, like that their songs played on the radio “Gorodskaya volna”, what feelings they experience when their voice sounds in the air. Leading together with the artists remember how there was a major gala concert on the main area of the city.

And on Sunday, June 28, all of the listeners waiting for a Grand musical marathon! All day in the air will sound the voices of the winners of past years.

the Best Siberian artists in the “Urban wave 101.4 FM”

Meanwhile, “Star names Novosibirsk – 2020” is in full swing. The participants underwent a correspondence selection stage, and soon on the site Gorodskaya.Russia will begin online voting.