Rosstat said how many people died from the coronavirus in June

Rosstat published data on the number of deaths that have been diagnosed COVID-19. For June in Russia, died on 11 917 people with confirmed coronavirus and those who have not yet been identified. Most of the main cause of death was COVID-19, and not comorbidities.

Only four groups of deaths of citizens COVID-19. In the first, where COVID-19 — the main cause of death, the number of deaths amounted to 5448.

— In the group where COVID-19 is assumed as the main cause of death, but results of tests for the presence of coronavirus are explored in June 2020 was 1589 deaths — reported by Rossat — In a group where COVID-19 influenced the development of other diseases and contributed to the emergence of complications, accelerating the patient’s death, recorded in 1399 deaths.