Personal experience: 24-year-old Siberian has accumulated on the flat in the building — tell how

Opinion that the crisis opens up new opportunities, is already causing irritation. How to do everything right, when it seems that everything around is bad? We found a girl who could — and tell you her story: after the University to purchase the second apartment is not the parents ‘ money.

Personal experience: “I spent a mortgage with state support”

Elena Kolmakova 24 years, she lives in a small Studio on the “Golden Field”: “I also took out a mortgage. The loan is not repaid, but we already had a deal with the buyer and the funds for the initial payment I got from the sale of the apartment.”

a Small Studio girl purchased as an investment in the project: “saved her money and invested in real estate, not to spend. Planned to rent to pay the mortgage”. But in the end settled itself — I liked the sense of responsibility and independence in your own apartment, purchased with his own money.

noticed disadvantages: “I Feel that from the Studio I grew up, a bit crowded”. New apartment found by accident — just went online to look at prices for kopeck piece, to dream. And found that in a residential complex opposite the building housing her is available. Of course, given the mortgage — suddenly she was helped by the economic crisis.