Out of the shadows: freelancers told how to become self-employed and what won

More than half a million residents of Russia decided to participate in the global tax experiment and received the status of self-employed. Among them are photographers, builders designers and programmers, hairdressers and taxi drivers. According to official data, the total income of the representatives of different professions have exceeded 60 billion rubles, and the profit on the average check increased significantly. From 1 July are included in the project more than 70 regions of the country. The population given a chance to legalize their business with minimal cost and lead it in the most easy mode. Is study personal experience.

“Envelopes and gray scheme — it’s not mine”

In 2019 to register as self-employed and pay tax on professional income was only possible in Moscow, the Moscow region, Tatarstan Republic and Kaluga region. Ivan Streltsov works as a taxi driver in Kaluga. For the second year it has partnered with an aggregator of taxi.

Envelopes and gray scheme is not my thing. I chose self-employment. Let me explain why. Like me, it is beneficial to register, because that just do not have to pay. You have to pay tax only actually received earnings — the new regime does not involve regular contributions, as, for example, the PI. Plus any time I can cancel the check, and then if you want to register again. This is useful even if you do not order every day or every month. Another plus: now I have a high priority on orders. I get the most amount of work as a self-employed driver-partner. I have no fee Park can cooperate with the aggregator directly. Transfer money from balance comes to my card without intermediaries. More important for me that I can combine this work with basic — to be self-employed driver and also officially to work elsewhere on a rolling basis.

the self-employed Have a lower tax rate of 4% for orders from individuals, 6% for orders from legal entities. This is less than the size of the komissia paid by many drivers Park. If the taxi driver does not travel tax is not charged.