Mother-heroine, the autograph on the Reichstag and the letter in the pocket: 14 frontline stories from across the country

they are not told in textbooks and hardly shoot movies, but these stories deserve to know about them all. Every week we collect information about the heroes of the red army, published them on Monday on the websites of the Network of city portals and instagram account “First front”. Some of them share themselves veterans, others tell their relatives.

His picture is famous in the world

the army Sergei Platov trained future mortar, but always aspired to the front. About this he and a friend wrote to Voroshilov and soon found himself on the front lines, in reconnaissance company. The fighter participated in the battle at the Kursk bulge, was with troops of the 1st Belorussian front to Berlin, and on may 10, came to the dilapidated Reichstag, to leave a sign on his wall, as did many soldiers in early may, after the surrender of Germany. This moment captured photographer Pavel Morozov.