From the Novosibirsk zoo, in nature released two moose — watch the touching video

Friday, July 24, in the sanctuary of suzunskiy in Novosibirsk zoo was taken two elk. These young males born at the zoo last year.

— In our zoo people regularly brought the calves are picked up in the woods, injured on the roads — said the Director of the Novosibirsk zoo Andrey Shilo. We fed them and realized that many can be returned to nature. And some were released, receiving a permit. Then the zoo came up with the initiative of creation of the program of introduction of elk. These animals are not many in the forests of the Novosibirsk region, as it may seem. In the summer of 2019 for the first time we were released into the wild elk born in the Novosibirsk zoo. And now took place the second edition.