Found 82-year-old residents of Novosibirsk were missing from the tents at Cavenago hospital — tell where he was

Novosibirsk found 82-year-old Otto Pavlov, who on may 29, disappeared from the tent of emergency medicine — he was brought to hospital № 11, where to take patients with suspected COVID-19 to do a CT scan. But by evening, the man disappeared, almost right in the city declared him.

All of today ended safely — Otto Pavlov was found alive in the private sector.

On the streets of the Big resident private sector saw it, reported it to the police. The police came and took him away, we called you because we had applied. The woman realized that he was not a local resident, a strange man walks suspiciously along the street here and there, looked lost, — said Irina, the daughter of a pensioner.