Fake addresses of the infected Novosibirsk and payments to doctors and social workers: a chronicle for may 22

on Friday, may 22, oberstab Novosibirsk region reported 79 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. For all the time of the pandemic in the region identified 1960 patients with COVID-19, of which 826 persons were recovered and 25 died.

Tell you what else happened in the country and in the city over the past day.

Families with children up to three years can apply for temporary allowance is introduced for three months from the outbreak of coronavirus. Understand all the intricacies of the Putin receiving payment.
the Observatory “Obsky dawns” will turn to the reserve hospital — here will the cure of the patients with coronavirus.All week the NHS communicated with simple Novosibirsk about life, work, coronavirus, movies and not only. Published 10 conversations that we remember most.
the Minister of health of the region Konstantin Halzov and the main infectious diseases Larisa Pozdnyakova told how Novosibirsk oblast is struggling with the coronavirus. Talk 9 the most interesting and important theses.The day in Russia from the coronavirus died 150 people, 8894 infected.A list of addresses where you live is infected with a coronavirus Novosibirsk, got social sharing. Check if it’s real.The headmaster told how he had ruined her family while she tried to establish distance learning. Published her letter in its entirety.
a Resident of Novosibirsk was in the hospital with a broken one, and got two more there and coved to boot.Journalist and PR expert Sergei Spitsyn during the month had been in Kemerovo, and Novosibirsk, and therefore knows the answer to the question why Siberian lands began to hurt COVID-19. Published author of the column.Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Federal oberstab Tatyana Golikova said that the peak of deaths from coronavirus in Russia will be in may.Putin urged the Ministry of health to prepare for the second wave of coronavirus in Russia.Herbalists have signed a new decree on payments for the coronavirus. Understand who will receive them, in addition to physicians.

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