Elite construction in Novosibirsk on the machine resulted in a strange solution, which is impossible to wash

12 Aug on cars parked near the building of business center “the Time”, nearby building Richmond Residence (Kirova, 50), resulted mortar. As a result of the incident injured at least eight cars: the owners say they can’t clean up even at the car wash. Motorists assume that it is concrete, and blame the developer, with whom it is not yet possible to reach. Correspondent NGS listened to both sides of this conflict.

“Said nothing to compensate will not be”

on Wednesday, Anton Kudinov left your car in the Parking lot at the building business center “the Time”, which works. Several hours later, he found that the machine damaged. The man immediately turned to the foreman and he heard the reply that the cost of the sink will be reimbursed. Then Anton went to wash the car.