Coming back to Novosibirsk heat? The weatherman made a forecast for the weekend

Novosibirsk weather forecasters told what weather to wait to Novosibirsk at the weekend. The meteorologist reported that the temperature dropped for a while.

Friday Morning in Novosibirsk has begun with rain and temperature not above 18 degrees. The forecast for the weekend is more optimistic.

— if the temperature is because now is the cold front, but it masked. That is, the air is generally very warm, and going to the air mass is cooler in hot weather as superimposed cooler and reduces heat. So cold as such is not observed, it is likely only a slight weakening of the heat, and the weekend will again be warm, — told the correspondent of the NGS chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Novosibirsk meteorologist Marina Vinogradova.