25.06.2022, Sachsen, Nieska: Eine Feuerwehr fährt in den Wald hinein um den Waldbrand an der sächsischen-brandenburigschen Grenze im Naturschutzgebiet Gorischheide zu bekämpfen. Foto: Daniel Schäfer/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A fire broke out again on Sunday on the edge of the Gohrischheide nature reserve and Elbniederterrasse Zeithain – but it was quickly extinguished.

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In a private forest, an area of ​​about 3,000 to 4,000 square meters burned, said the head of the Zeithain fire brigade, Matthias Heydel, on Sunday evening. The area will continue to be monitored because of possible embers.

In June there had been a fire for days in Gohrischheide on the border between Saxony and Brandenburg. It is determined against unknown perpetrators for arson.

As the police and public prosecutor’s office in Dresden announced on Friday, they are said to have set fire to at least four places in the heathland and forest areas in the landscape protection area on June 23″ – and during the extinguishing work two other places in the evening and on the night of June 25 .

According to initial estimates, damage totaled 13.5 million euros. Due to the extreme drought and dense vegetation, the fire quickly spread to an area of ​​at least 900 hectares in Saxony and Brandenburg. The major fire was only under control last Monday. (dpa)