22.12.2021, USA, Las Vegas: Ein Einsatzwagen der Stadtpolizei steht vor dem Hotel "Mirage", nachdem Schüsse in einem Zimmer des bekannten Hotels in Las Vegas gefallen sind. Foto: Ellen Schmidt/Las Vegas Review-Journal/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This well-known sentence probably does not apply when it comes to murder. One person was killed by shots on Friday and two others were injured, the police in the US gambling metropolis said on Friday night (local time) on Twitter.

The “Sin City,” otherwise known for its casinos and impromptu marriages — most recently of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez — became a crime scene on Friday. Shots were fired in a room of the well-known hotel “The Mirage” in Las Vegas.

The victims and the alleged perpetrators knew each other, according to the police. The shooter is on the run. It was a one-off act. The investigators called for people to avoid the area around the casino hotel.

Local media in the desert city in the state of Nevada, citing a police spokesman, reported that the condition of the two injured was critical.

The “Mirage”, located on the “Strip” section of Las Vegas Boulevard, is known for its attractions and performances, among other things. Among them was once the legendary show of the now deceased magician duo Siegfried and Roy, which attracted millions of viewers with white tigers and illusions.

The Mirage Hotel is part of the Mandalay Bay chain. The mass murder in Las Vegas in 2017, in which 58 visitors to a Festival in Paradise were shot, was committed by the assassin from the room of the hotel “Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino” on the Las Vegas Strip.