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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
The period between the First and Second world wars in the military was characterized by, among other things, the extensive development of motor and samokatnaya (Cycling) units. They were created usually on the basis of cavalry units, whose functions and took over. For example, in Belgium, cyclists and motorcyclists completely replaced cavalry Belgian cavalry division, though kept the name, but they were no horses, and only bicycles, motorcycles and cars.
The head coach of CSKA Moscow Dimitris itoudis has shared his impressions of the victory of his players over situated near Moscow "Khimki" (78:69) in the match 22-th round of the regular championship of Euroleague basketball.
USSR forgave Germany a large part of the damages incurred during the Nazi occupation of the country. Despite this, Berlin has not paid reparations to be specified volume. Talking about this Russian historians. In Germany, of course, have a different opinion.
In the match of 1/8 final of the Cup of Spain on football "Mirandês", the speaker in the second power division of the country, defeated on the field home stadium "Municipal de Andova" team "Seville" with the account 3:1.
It should immediately be noted that such names as Molotov Line and the Stalin Line in the Soviet Union officially did not exist. And in the informal way these phrases were applied only to the West side. Where are they, in fact, was invented.
In the match 22-th round of the regular championship of basketball Euroleague Petersburg "Zenith" on departure has lost to the Spanish "Barcelona" with a score of 72:90 (21:21, 14:32, 19:21, 18:16).
Forward Dortmund "Borussia" Paco alcácer will continue his career in the Spanish League. 26-year-old forward has signed a contract with Villarreal, calculated until June 2025.


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Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Russia's war with the Chukchi lasted from 1642 to 1775-the year actually ended in a draw. Russian citizenship of the Chukchi was nominal. Until 1920-ies the Chukchi governed by the laws of elder birth. To issue a decree, declaring on the accession of the Chukotka of the Russian Empire (1779), Catherine II gave the liberation of the Chukchi from paying tribute for ten years. However, after this period, to levy a tribute from the Chukchi proved impossible. This was confirmed in the "Charter on the management of foreigners" (1822), according to which the Chukchi to pay tribute voluntarily and could not be compelled to this. Thus, in the course of nearly half a century of wars with the Russian Chukchi managed to defend its independence.