Paramedics in Montreal and Laval had to carry out a dozen interventions for carbon monoxide poisoning in the wake of the freezing rain storm, Urgences-Santé said Thursday.

This type of poisoning can occur when gas heaters or cooking appliances are used indoors. Their frequency therefore increases in the event of a major power outage, such as the one currently affecting southwestern Quebec.

“We have recorded six cases in the Montreal region and four cases in the Laval region in the last 24 hours,” said Jean-Pierre Rouleau, spokesperson for Urgences-Santé, in the early evening.

No one lost their life in these events.

“Cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, we have them on a regular basis. On the other hand, today we can say that there has been an increase,” he added. Urgences-Santé could not say yesterday whether the 10 cases were all related to power outages.

The Montreal borough of Outremont indicated on social networks that “there have been several cases of poisoning due to the auxiliary gas heating systems”.

Earlier in the day, Montreal Fire Chief Robert Liebmann warned his fellow citizens: “The most important message I have for you today is to avoid at all costs the use of cooking appliances or combustion heaters indoors”.

Mr. Rouleau, of Urgences-Santé, wanted to highlight the work of his employees. “The work of paramedics is more difficult. Interventions take longer,” he said. “These are not easy conditions and they were there this morning. »