The first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin entire life categorically not tolerate obscene language. It would seem that the work on the construction site in the 1950s, where the future politician was the way from a foreman to the foreman, was to "enrich" his speech profanity. However, Yeltsin why-that has not adopted the habit of their colleagues – and will always remain your vocabulary free from abusive language. However, a person who knew the President's people are those who are not inclined to extol him unduly. Rumor has it, Yeltsin could not afford a strong word in relation to subordinates, but absolutely would not tolerate such in his address.
In the regular season of the National hockey League played another four matches. "Tampa Bay lightning" away beat "Anaheim ducks" with a score 4:3.
Despite the fact that awarding the high title of Hero of Russia became for Vladimir Chabanova surprise, it actually was natural. Shepherds dedicated to the armed forces all his life, and in 1995 during the Chechen conflict, made a real feat.
Underwear, in its modern form emerged in Europe only by the beginning of XX century. In pre-revolutionary Russia men wore linen or cotton pants with buttons, and women with the beginning of the last century, first put under the skirt knickers. The "old regime" linen remained in the course and in the new Soviet state, until the harsh conditions of the Civil war forced the domestic industry to fully work on the needs of the front. Some of them were "leader of all peoples" Stalin, continued to wear the old styles right up to 1950-ies.
In the match of the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL) the Washington capitals on the road beat team "Ottawa senators" with a score of 5:3 (2:0, 0:1, 2:1).
The Russian striker "Washington capitals" Alexander Ovechkin scored twice in the match of the regular championship of NHL against "Ottawa" (5:3), came to net eighth in the list of the best snipers in League history.
"The Pittsburgh penguins" in the regular season of the National hockey League (NHL) on home ice in overtime beat team "the Philadelphia Flyers" – 4:3 (0:1, 3:1, 0:1, 1:0).


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