When not happy with the reflection in the mirror: how to remove belly fat, if the sport and the diet has helped

After giving birth, many women dream about a beautiful belly, but even weight loss and exercise don’t always help. It’s all in the weakening of the muscular frame, the reduced elasticity of the skin, which can not itself be reduced to the same size, or diastasis (divergence of the abdominal muscles). The experts considered that the diastasis is about 30% of women after childbirth. Also problems can occur after getting rid of extra pounds, or simply with age.

If you are faced with such troubles, it is not necessary to wear the rest of my life is closed swimwear and spanx, the operation of abdominoplasty will help get rid of unsightly “apron” to be able to like myself again in the mirror and wearing all the finery. The operation allows to reduce waist size, remove scars, stretch marks, diastasis rectus abdominis and hernias.