What defunct German aircraft were shot down by Soviet pilots

History 14/01/20 What defunct German aircraft shot down Soviet pilots

to Read books of the Soviet period of the second world war is especially interesting now, when it is possible to compare written with actual data. In addition to ideological content, which, in Soviet times ignored, is a lot of interesting “bugs”, it is not having ideological overtones.

So, when talking about the war in the air, in addition to stories about the Armada “Junkers” and “Messerschmitt”, which dozens were destroyed by Soviet pilots, mentions the curious name of the German aircraft. They are not found in the directories in service with the Luftwaffe machines.

the Most frequently cited German aircraft that never flew on the Eastern front, and never flew this plane.113 company Heinkel Flugzeugwerke. If you read for instance the book by A. G. Fedorov, “aviation in the battle of Moscow”, published in 1971, large numbers (it can be found in any local library) and there we can read about Lieutenant Baikova, who single-handedly fought a battle with four Not.113 and shot down two of them. Mention of this aircraft can be found in other writings of Soviet historians on the war. “Heinkels” were shot down by fighters and anti-aircraft gunners, there is a mention about our bombers shot down “one hundred and thirteen”. And all this with references to archival documents, including premium sheets.

Now anyone can easily figure out that such aircraft did not exist — it was a successful disinformation to the Germans. And as “one hundred and thirteen” were Not a fighter.100. He had a relatively rare evaporative cooling system of the engine, was released a small batch of test and service is not accepted. During the war, Not available.100 were used for defense of the plant of the company Heinkel Flugzeugwerke. “One hundredth” was known in the Soviet Union in 1939, three Not.100 was boughts in Germany (among others the new German aircraft) for review.

the beginning of the war with Germany, Not a fighter.113 was present in all Soviet aviation reference, his profile was studied by the gunners. It is easy to notice that the fighter “Heinkel” was nothing like Bf.109, hard to mistake even at the limit of visibility, so much do they differ.

In the album “Aircraft of Germany” issued by the military publishing house in 1941, near the fighter “Heinkel” you can see another interesting aircraft. It is a heavy fighter FW.187 of the company Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau. His fate is very similar to Not.113. This twin-engine fighter was released only three copies and all three were used to protect plant, which was built. But, thanks to a campaign of disinformation, the Soviet Union believed that the aircraft entered service the Luftwaffe. And these “Focke-Wulf” on the Eastern front actively “lost” during the war. However, similar aircraft were many: it Ju.88, and Bf.110, and late, and very reminiscent of his Hs.129. So that Soviet pilots can be forgiven for their mistakes.

one similar to the FW.187 twin-engined fighter that Soviet pilots mentioned in the number of downed, is called Do.29. But if the “Focke-Wulf” was a very real aircraft, it’s just they are not made commercially, this fighter jet “Dornier” never flew. Some authors even write that the project was not like this at all, arguing that such a name was the aircraft of Dornier, created after the war. But although Do.29 remains only in the form of drawings, project escort fighter with the same name existed. And drawings can be found on the Internet. Of course, the aircraft could not take part in air battles on the Eastern front.

something similar to the fate of the fighter Do.29 and the plane called Me.115, which also “brought down” the Soviet pilots. For example, he is listed among the victories of the Soviet ACE P. T. Tarasova, who on 29 August 1941 knocked “Me-115” near Leningrad, South of Chudovo. Just as an airplane “Dornier” the fighter of the company Messerschmitt AG, also never flew. Some sources affirmed that for Me.115 have adopted a modification of the Bf.109F2. But in 1943, in the January issue of the British magazine Flight published an article with a description and picture of this plane. This project was created under the twin-engine DB.606 and looks very different from other fighters Messerschmitt.

In the context of fast-moving air combat pilots have the important task of identifying enemy aircraft. And most knowledgeable pilots, carefully studying guides, seeing some differences from cars they know, just thought about meeting some new aircraft and began to remember the albums opoznavatel. Here and there were similar faults.

Cyril Shishkin

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