History 14/01/20 “Leningrad Khatyn”: what did the German invaders in a Great District

the Unusual structure can be found in the Volosovsky district of the Leningrad region – in the field, along the route. Rather, the buildings themselves are quite common is a rustic oven, but they are not inside the houses and under the open sky. What is it and why? The installation may seem strange if you don’t know the history of the place.

Most District

the First mention of the village District are found in the book scribe Jordabalken, “Scribe of the book of Izhora land” and refer to the year 1500. Then – and even earlier – on the territory of the village Kalininskogo arose first quite a small settlement. At the end of XIX century under the name of the Old District it consisted of 74 farm-yard – quite a lot even by today’s standards. And according to the Soviet census of 1936, there were 180 yards and more than 1,300 residents. But with the war everything changed.

In August 1941 the territory was occupied by German troops and many of the inhabitants, fleeing from the cruelty of the invaders left the village. Some of those who remained were deported to work in Germany. However, despite the ongoing just a few dozen kilometers of fighting, the village continued to live. Many houses were abandoned but not destroyed, but simply stood with boarded up Windows and doors – waiting for the hosts.

he recalled How Soviet historian and war veteran Anatoly Chernyaev in his book “My life and my time,” abandoned houses – the usual thing for that time. And they remained completely intact except for one element – the chimney. Throwing house, the owners were usually out of laying a few bricks to the stove could not melt. Thus the village was saved from a possible fire. For those wishing to spend the night in the heated hut were many: and among the retreating Soviet soldiers, and among the presentspeaking out of the Germans, and among partisans or deserters. And each of them – because of the inept handling of the stove – could easily start a fire and burn the entire village.

Leningrad Khatyn

But back to the Big District. In 1943 after Kursk battle – the situation at the front changed. The strategic initiative was on the side of the red army, and the retreating Nazis began to actively apply the tactics of “scorched earth”. Even the occupied territories were fighting with the guerrillas and the death squads destroyed all who were suspected of having links with the underground. Such a fate befell the inhabitants of the village of Bolshoye Zarechye. In October 1943 broke in here a punitive expedition, the settlement was burned. The inhabitants who had not managed to flee – were herded into one of the houses of a nearby village and burned. Total killed 66 people, almost a third of them were children.

most Likely, the fate of the village, later called “Russian Khatyn”, would not have learned if not for the stories of the few survivors of the massacre. After the war the settlement was decided not to rebuild, restored the only survivor in the fire stone oven, which stand in the middle of the field so far. In 1971 on the site of the burnt Great District has established the memorial.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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