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History 14/01/20 Otto Adam: how Russian girl “turned” officer of the Wehrmacht in Partizan

Otto Adam before meeting Maria Vasilyeva certainly was not going to leave the service in the Wehrmacht. Although in most publications of the Soviet period he characterized solely as an ardent anti-fascist. Anyway, thanks to the love of Vasilyeva Adam became a partisan and fought with his former colleagues on a par with Soviet citizens.

“Unequal” Roman

As stated in the publication “Friendship is money” (publishing house “Noĭes Leben”, 1967), Otto Adam was born in the city of Leipzig. Going to the front, Adam left behind a wife and young daughter. However, marital status did not prevent the soldiers of the Wehrmacht to have an affair with a young translator Maria Vasilyeva. In the years of occupation Vasilyeva voluntarily took a job in a German commandant’s office of Rylsk. Say, even his own mother cursed Maria for what she had collaborated with the Nazi invaders. She didn’t even know that Vasiliev has actually worked in the commandant’s office on the instructions of his fellow guerrillas.

Perhaps, at first knew nothing about the secret life of the translator and Otto Adam. As recalled many years later, mother Maria Vasilyeva, Elizaveta Nikolaevna, despite 15-year age difference, her daughter and Otto were very similar to each other, so it is not surprising that they quickly became close. Every evening, the German escorted Mary home. It is clear that the relationship between Vasilyeva and Adam did not go unnoticed either native citizens, or German “guests”: for this and those, and others simply hated Mary.

Partisans Otto

it is Unknown at what point Maria Vasilyeva opened Otto Adam, but they soon became not only a pair of lovers, but also colleagues. Thanks to the help of Adam the information that is needed to get the ball while working in a German commandant’s office, the river flowed. However long so could not last: soon the Germans suspected that their ranks wormed his way into a traitor. Maria Vasilyeva and Otto Adam, knowing that the exposure is inevitable, fled to the guerrilla group, which then led to Athanasius Y. Sinegubov. Sinegubov and allowed Otto to stay together with partisans.

From that moment Otto Adam, the head of which the Germans had announced a reward of 15 thousand Reichsmarks, led a guerrilla struggle along with all members of the guerrilla group. Often on missions he went with Maria Vasilyeva. If you believe the publication of “Under one banner” (editor and compiler A. V. * l), a woman named Chigireva talked about how one day Vasiliev and Adam stayed in her bed until morning without straightening his spin, scribbled leaflets. In the successful operations of what is called behind enemy lines lovers helped form and military knowledge of the German language.

Death lovers

However, this partisan period in the life of Otto of Adam and Maria Vasilyeva did not last long. As he wrote in his book “shoulder to Shoulder” Semyon Borzunov, in March 1943, Adam and Vasiliev were on a mission in the village Called Glushkovskogo district. In the woods they were overtaken by the Nazis. Otto shot back the Germans until, until he was left with two bullets. These last bullets he saved for himself and for Mary. So, lying next in love and found partisans. However, there is a version that the daughter and her German fiancé found Elizaveta Nikolaevna Vasileva.

whatever it was, buried Otto Adam and Maria Vassilieva together. In the land of Kursk, near the village of the Title, still you can see the hill with the inscription carved on the granite: “Here lies the brave partisans Masha Vassilieva and Otto Adam”. Mother Vasilyeva and remained to live at Kursk, and certainly before the end of his days regretted that Mr. daughter for collaborating with the occupiers. Family and other relatives of Otto Adam, at least in the Soviet years, lived in a Democratic Germany.

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