Crime 13/02/20 “Tonka-machine-gunner”: how to catch the main war criminal

Antonina Makarova for their “merits” earned the nickname “Tonka-machine-gunner”. During the war she collaborated with the Nazis in Lokotskogo Republic and has shot more than a thousand captured Soviet soldiers and guerrillas.

a native of the Moscow region Tonya Makarova in 1941, she went to the front as a nurse, she was Vyazemsky boiler, then was arrested by the Nazis in the village of Elbow Bryansk region.

the Village of Elbow has been the “capital” of the so-called Lokotskogo Republic. In the Bryansk forests there were many partisans, whom the Nazis and their supporters were able to regularly catch. To the shootings was significant, Makarova have a machine gun “Maxim” and even appointed salary – 30 marks for each execution.

just before the Elbow was liberated by the red army Tonka-gunner was sent to a concentration camp that helped her – she forged documents and posing as a nurse. After release — got a job in a hospital and married a wounded soldier Victor Ginzburg. After Winning the family of the newlyweds went to Belarus. Antonina in Lepel got a job at a garment factory, led an exemplary life.

traces of KGB officers came only after 30 years. Helped an accident. On the area of Brjansk man attacked with fists on a Nicholas Ivanin, recognizing in it the chief lokotskogo prison. From Ivanin and began to untwist the thread to the Tonka-puleeeeze. Ivanin remembered the name and the fact that Makarov was a Muscovite.

Searches Macavoy were intense, at first suspected another woman, but the witnesses didn’t recognize her. Helped again accident. Brother “gunner” by filling in the form for travel abroad have the name of sisters by marriage. After investigators discovered Makarov, its “led” a few weeks, has had several confrontations to establish whetherknosti.

20 Nov 1978 59-year-old Tonka-gunner was sentenced to capital punishment. At trial, she remained calm and was confident that she will acquit or reduce the sentence. Activities in the Elbow, it is treated as work and claimed that conscience it hurts.

In the USSR the case of Antonina Makarova was the last major case of the traitors in the Second world war and the only one which featured a female Punisher.

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