What really happened to the remains of Hitler

History 13/02/20 What really happened to the remains of Hitler

According to the main version, Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun and the Goebbels family committed suicide on 30 April 1945 in his Berlin bunker. To commit suicide they all decided in different ways: by killing himself by drinking poison or making all along.

Unconvincing suicide

In theory it sounds plausible: the end of the Second world war was predetermined, the fate of its instigators – is predetermined. In order not to fall into the hands of the Soviets, who would have remembered the leader of the Third Reich all that he had done on the Eastern front, the party leadership had chosen the most dismal way to bid farewell to life – the mass suicide.

Such a thing is easy to explain – the Fuhrer was an inexplicable fear that his body will carry throughout Moscow and he posthumously will be fun, “like a monkey”. The leader of the Nazis supposedly during the life gave the order to burn his body and the body “comrades in suicide.” The last will of Hitler were executed, the charred body is not very diligent, but buried in the ground.

After almost a week, may 5, found the remains of Lieutenant Alexander Panasov. Of course, visually determine where the bodies of the Fuhrer and his companions, proved impossible. However,information about the death of the führer became known the next day after his suicide – this information in the negotiations with Marshal Vasily Chuikov shared General Hans Krebs.

But the Soviet regime was fundamentally important to understand that the body of Hitler, or rather what is left of it, belonged to him. All because Stalin was suspicious of the information on the suicide of the German leader – he feared that in exchange for the information, Hitler will go to a secret Treaty with the allies and they help him to escape and go into hiding.

Two cases, four graves

to find out whether Hitler had committed suicide, ministhe Ministry of state security began its investigation – the case of identification with the long name “the Acts of identification, forensic investigation of corpses, transcripts of interrogation of witnesses,” which was conducted concurrently with case No. 300919 – search.

Based on the testimony of the servants of the patrol of the whole of the Reich Chancellery, the investigation concluded that the corpse – indeed the Fuhrer. But the main evidence the fragment of the jaw and the skull: it was a lineup of Hitler, and they helped to figure out how in fact the Nazi leader killed himself – took poison and then shot himself.

Obtained from witnesses evidence of democarcy Hitler and the testimony of his dentist was enough for the Soviet government to make an unequivocal conclusion – discovered the remains belong to the führer. It is known that the confirmation of the authenticity of the body was received by 11 may and immediately reported this to Stalin.

However, the Soviet leader continued to deny the fact of death of the Fuhrer – that he was not entirely confident in the conclusions of the Commission and wanted about interference to force the Western “friends” to puncture. So, when US President Harry Truman asked Stalin at the Potsdam conference in August 1945 whether Hitler was dead, he replied: “No.”

what is it For, still remains a mystery. On the one hand, according to the memoirs of Marshal Konstantin Zhukov, Stalin, even in private conversations have expressed their suspicions about this, and therefore could really believe that Hitler is alive. The allies, Stalin said that Hitler is still alive and hiding Franco in Spain and that you need to take him for a RAID on the other end of Europe. Perhaps due to this he wanted to promote Communist ideology as far to the West.

With this purpose in Izvestia even published an article that Hitler and Eva Braun were alive and well and living in a locked castle in Westphalia. This implied complicity on the part of the British, because the WeightThalia was in the British zone of occupation.

this is Probably why the bodies were kept under the protection of the territory of the Department of counterintelligence of SMERSH and was carrying every time the military were forced to relocate. Initially, in June 1945, the body was buried near the town of Bukh, then they moved to the city of Finow, after in Rathenow. Finally, in February 1946 in Magdeburg they were buried, as it seemed, permanently.

a Tool against neo-Nazism

meanwhile, conspiracy theories, according to which the Fuehrer actually shot himself, and simply ran away from suffering a defeat in the war Germany continued to multiply. According to one version – in the Nazi camp in Argentina, on the other – to a secret base in Antarctica, or even decided to take refuge in Brazil.

In any case, most of the legends today basically boil down to the fact that Hitler actually took refuge in South America. But its further history is not clear. According to one, he was buried in 1973 in Paraguay – this advanced version of the Brazilian journalist Marcelo Net. On the other, the führer, and all healthy, living on a false passport in the name of Herman Gunterberg and is about to celebrate its 130th anniversary.

Such rumors are, of course, could breathe in the ideology of Nazism to a new life. Moreover, in Europe 70-80-th years have begun strengthening of positions of right-wing and neo-Nazis. And the Soviet authorities apparently realized it.

In 1970 it was decided to literally wipe the dust the remains of Hitler. So there was a plan to “Archive”, approved at the highest level – the General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

Carried out the operation was in several stages. First, under the view of the excavation of a unique library over the grave in Magdeburg tent was erected. Under its cover the bodies of the Fuhrer and his wife and Goebbels April 4, 1970 were extracted, everything was done in secrecy, at night. Remains were stacked in specially prepared boxes, transported to the area of the training fields sapper and tank Polkin the group of Soviet forces in Germany and burned, ground to ashes, and in the morning 1970 – thrown into the river of Biederitz.

all was Destroyed, except for two important parts of the jaw fragment and the fragment of a skull with a bullet hole. They had decided to keep as substantial evidence. Now the teeth are under the supervision of the Federal security service, the head bone is in the state Archives.

the Truth is we all have different

Doubting the veracity of the Russian version and today from the point of view of the FSB membership partially preserved remains of Hitler proved, is a lot. The office regularly receives inquiries on the study of the jaws, especially while insisting on a DNA test, which so far has not been made.

But scientists believe that genetic analysis will give nothing. And the last full scientific analysis of the remains conducted by French scientists, leaves no room for doubt. The results of the study were published in may 2018 in the journal European Journal of Internal Medicine.

in order to establish the identity of the jaw and the bones, the researchers conducted their morphological study, a study using electron microscope and elemental analysis. In the result, we found complete similarity of the remains with x-rays, doctors made Hitler a year before death, and autopsy data.

however, even the most complete study of the remains of the Fuhrer probably will not be able to stop speculation about his death. So the question is, what happened to the remains of Hitler, in fact, likely to ask more than once.

Ivan Resepi

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