Saltychikha: what is happening to the most brutal Russian landowner

History 13/02/20 Saltychikha: what is happening to the most brutal Russian landowner

Columnar noblewoman Daria Nikolaevna Saltykov, remaining forever in people’s memory as Saltychikha, can be called the first known serial killer in Russia. In the middle of the XVIII century, this sophisticated sadist tortured to death a few dozen (according to other estimates, more than a hundred) of their serfs, mostly young girls and women.

unlike his bloody followers Saltychikha he mocked the helpless victims openly, without fear of punishment. She had influential patrons to whom she generously paid for concealing crimes.

Ivanova from a noble family

Ivanov’s maiden name Saltychikha. Her father Nikolai Ivanov Avtonomovich were Stolbovoye nobleman, and his grandfather once held a high position under Peter I. the Husband of Darya Saltykova Gleb A. he served as a captain of the life guards cavalry regiment. Have Saltykov had two sons, Fyodor and Nikolai.

it is Noteworthy that Saltychikha, which the Empress Catherine II in the end for the crime committed put in a monastery prison for life, in the end, survived all the members of his family – husband and two sons.

Many historians believe that, most likely, after the funeral of the wife of 26-year-old widow went to the roof, and she began to hammer the servant to death.

Where and what she’s been doing

the Saltychikha was in Moscow in the house on the corner of Bolshaya Lubyanka and Kuznetsky most. Ironically, now there are buildings administered by the FSB. Plus the landowner after the death of her husband inherited the estate in several Russian provinces. Saltychikha was owned by a total of nearly 600 serfs.

the site of the estate where the dominatrix is often tortured their victims, now located Trinity Park is not far from Moscow district Teply Stan.

Before he died the master Gleb A., Darya Saltykova was holding myself up and abouta tendency to physical abuse was not seen. Moreover, Saltychikha was distinguished by piety.

According to the testimony of the serfs, the phase shift at Saltychikha occurred about six months later, after the funeral of a spouse. She started hitting their peasants, often lazy and mostly women and young girls for the slightest infraction, carping junk. Then, on the orders of her mistress-sadistic guilty were whipped, often to death. Gradually the torture Saltychikha became more and more sophisticated. With remarkable strength, she pulled his victim’s hair, burned their ears with a Curling iron, doused with boiling water.

Wanted to kill the grandfather of the poet Fyodor Tyutchev

the Grandfather of the famous Russian poet surveyor Nikolay Tyutchev was the lover of this shrew. And then decided to get rid of her and marry attracted to the girl. Saltychikha ordered his serfs to burn the house of the maiden, but the fear did not do. Then the sadistic peasant sent “hitmen” to kill a young couple of the tyutchevs. But instead of taking a sin, serfs warned the Tyutchev about the intentions of the former mistress.

Why was she unpunished?

Saltychikha freely committed atrocities during the reign of the three (!) royals – Elizabeth Petrovna, Peter III and Catherine II. Complained about it all the fanaticism, but the outcome of those appeals has been disappointing solely for the martyrs – they were flogged and exiled to Siberia. Among the relatives of high-ranking representatives of the noble family of Darya Saltykova was Governor-General of Moscow and the field Marshal. In addition Saltychikha generously to all on whom depended the decision on the complaint.

Long result

In regard to influential muchitelnitsa was to be the Royal will, which was done came to the throne, Catherine II. In 1762 she had reviewed the complaints of serfs Saltychikha Savely Martynov and Ermolai Ilyin, wives who killed the landowner (from Ilyin three in a row), and considered it appropriate to make a public trial of Darya Saltykova.

the Moscow Justice Board was investigating for six years. Found out one of the officials Saltychikha bribed identified numerous cases of questionable deaths of serfs. It was found that during sortowania Saltykova in the office of Moscow civil Governor, police chief and Detective orders received 21 complaints filed on the Payne peasants. All appeals returned the sadist, and she then dealt harshly with their authors.

Arrested Saltychikha in no way confessed, even under threat of torture. The investigation and the trial, which lasted three years, proved “undeniable guilt” Darya Saltykova, namely: murdering 38 serfs. On the death of 26 people, she was “left in doubt”.

the Empress wrote the sentence personally,

throughout September 1768 Catherine II was the verdict against Saltychikha: he was repeatedly rewritten. In October, the Empress sent to the Senate prepared a decree detailing the punishment and the details of its implementation.

Saltychikha was deprived of noble rank. Within the hour she had to stand on the scaffold, chained to a post with a sign overhead, which read: “Payne and dushegubitsa”. The rest of your life Darya Saltykova was in an underground prison, without light or human interaction. Associates Saltychikha was sent to prison.

Snapped in limbo

First, Saltychikha was sitting in the “penitential” the chamber of the Moscow Ivanovsky convent. 11 years later she was transferred to a stone outbuilding with window and allowed the curious to communicate with a prisoner. According to eyewitnesses, Darya Saltykova and imprisoned remained evil fury: cursed the gawking, spitting on them through the window and tried to get a stick.

In prison Saltychikha spent 33 years. Buried in the cemetery of the Donskoy monastery, the grave preserved.

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